Top 8 Anime with the Best Fighting Scenes

Top 8 Anime with the Best Fighting Scenes

by Mythic on Jun 15, 2022

Since the advent of time itself, one genre that blends the best with anime is martial arts. Defining anime fights, the action genre doesn't fail to deliver even in this day and age.

So today, we've got the perfect thing for our action fans since we'll be recommending to you anime that feature some of the best fighting scenes out there. Sit tight since these best fighting anime series are sure to give you that adrenaline rush!

1. Dragon Ball Z

What else to start the best fighting anime list than to have the godfather teach the new kids how it's done? Featuring some of the best fights anime has seen to date, Dragon Ball Z is action anime at its finest.

Whether it's Goku, Vegeta or even Gohan, the saiyans would bring one hell of a fight to the screen while amazing us in almost every other episode. It's one of the top good fighting anime and something that's considered a legend even today. The new movie is about to hit us soon so better be prepared for it. A lot of good fighting scenes to feast our eyes on!

2. God of High School

Memes aside, we can’t deny the fact that when it comes to the good old action genre, The God of High School delivers in the best manner there is. Being the best fighting anime of the year, Jin Moori showed us that the webtoon scene isn’t unknown to legends by any means.

With every other episode bringing a new battle to the table and the anime staff not holding back at all, we’ve got a dozen anime fights in the show. Sure, there were some issues with the pacing and the progression of the show but the studio didn’t sleep on the anime battles, that’s for sure.

3. One Punch Man

Let’s face it, One Punch Man brought the fighting anime genre on everyone’s radar back in 2015. In fact, it was one of the reasons that the anime industry ended up amassing so many fans all around the world.

Featuring some of the best anime battles, One Punch Man isn’t a title that needs any introduction. I mean one look at Saitama and anyone would write him off as an average baldy. But one punch is all it takes for him to turn any anime fight around. Plus, that’s not all.

In case you don’t like ONE’s style of ending it all in a single punch, we’ve got hundreds of stylish heroes ready to show you the normal way of fighting. The title is without a doubt one of if not the best fighting anime out there!

4. Hunter x Hunter 

An anime show featuring the most wholesome protagonist would be all about ‘happily ever after's’, right? Well, you can’t be more wrong since with all sorts of characters and storylines in the mix, Hunter x Hunter still holds its ground when compared to the new kids in town.

The anime battles featured in the show are just one another level. Calculated and well-choreographed, Hunter x Hunter just shows us what a good fighting anime looks like.

Be it you’re a Hisoka fanboy or a Gon geek, Hunter x Hunter is widely considered to be the best fighting anime out there and being one of the highest rated shows in the industry, the anime battles with this one are just off the hook!

5. Gintama 

Parody and ‘memeing’ aside, Gintama has a serious side to it that has become quite evident in the past couple of years. Whether it’s the long-awaited anime battle between Gintoki and Shinsuke or Katsura and Shinsengumi going at it with their own version of the ‘best anime fight’ out there, Gintama is one of the most unique anime experiences out there.

There’s no way you can deny that fact even in a million years. Even if you take out the comedy, we all can agree that the show features some anime fights that could qualify it as a nominee for the best fighting anime out there. But as they say, a jack of all trades is a master of none, not even one!

6. The Fate series 

Get ready to see your favorite heroes from the past go at it in a free for all since in the fate universe, anything can happen. Having a dozen seasons to its name, the title isn’t one that’s been left out by the good old action genre with anime battles that would smash your screen most of the time.

It’s without a doubt one of the very good fighting anime series out there and with the heaven’s feel route giving the universe a rewrite, let’s watch our favorite anime fights, reimagined and redone!


Even if there’s not a lot of fist fighting involved, we can’t sleep on the superstar about to rise from the ashes later this year. I’m pretty sure that, when it comes to anime battles, you can keep counting and it just won’t end when Bleach is in the equation.

Even with the fillers, denying the fact that the anime fights weren’t on par with some of the best in the business is being overdosed on that delusional pill. Let’s see what this blast from the past would deliver later this year since this year’s best fighting anime spot is still there for the taking.

8. Wu Shan Wu Xing 

I’m pretty sure a lot of you are surprised to see a Chinese anime here but trust me, a minute is all it’d take to rethink your 'top fighting anime list'. This 3-episode anime has only one form of communication, anime battles, anime battles and more anime battles.

It was widely considered as the top fighting anime of the year 2020 and if I’m being honest, the only title that even came close to the beautiful action that it portrayed was One Punch Man, the very first season. Watch it ASAP for you’re missing out on the best fighting anime of 2020.

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