Welcome to Night City, where we explore the magical world of anime makeup! As lovers of retro anime, we delve into the classic styles and techniques that have defined the genre over the years. From the iconic bold colors and graphic eyeliner of the 90s to the subtler, more natural looks of today, we cover it all.

But we're not just stuck in the past! We also keep an eye on modern anime and the makeup trends that accompany them. Whether it's the vibrant and playful aesthetics of shows like "Sailor Moon" and "Cardcaptor Sakura," or the darker, more intense looks of series like "Attack on Titan" and "Death Note," we're always on the lookout for inspiration.

With tips, tricks, and step-by-step tutorials, our blog is the perfect resource for anyone looking to bring a touch of anime magic into their makeup routine. So join us in exploring the colorful and creative world of anime makeup, and let your inner otaku shine!


Top 22 Retro Anime That Came From The '80s
80s anime

Top 22 Retro Anime That Came From The '80s

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