Top 10 Anime Every Beginner Should Watch

Top 10 Anime Every Beginner Should Watch

by Daichi on Jun 16, 2022

Are you new to anime and wondering what a good starter anime for you is? Then you've come to the right place.

Knowing where to start might be challenging when it comes to getting into anime. So, here's a list of the ten best anime for beginners that will keep you hooked, are popular among fans, and take no more than a season or two (2) to finish.

This list is not in any specific sequence, and you are free to choose anyone that looks appealing. Also, this isn't a list of the greatest anime ever produced. It's a list of good anime that don't need an introduction and are good places to start for new anime viewers. Hopefully, you'll find something on this list that piques your interest. Enjoy!

1. Cowboy Bebop

Cowboy Bebop is one of the most well-known and influential anime series of all time, first airing in the 90s and still going strong today. It was primarily inspired by science fiction, westerns, and noir films.

Set in 2071, the story follows the charming Spike Spiegel and his eccentric crew of bounty hunters as they sweep through space for their next paycheck.

You get attached to the characters and curious about what they will meet next! And with just 26 episodes, you can expect an excellent storyline full of fighting scenes and a fantastic soundtrack.

2. Demon Slayer

Just as the title suggests, this series is based on demon slayers, a group of samurai who hunt and kill demons in a world where demons devour humans.

The plot follows Tanjiro Kamado, a good-hearted boy who decides to become a demon slayer after his family is massacred and his younger sister is turned into a demon. Now we follow him as he travels the world searching for a cure to revert his sister into a human while also becoming a formidable demon slayer.

This series comprises terrific battle scenes, demons, superpowers, adventure, and martial arts. You definitely don't want to miss out on this!

3. Sword Art Online

SAO is set in a world where advanced virtual reality online gaming is a major deal. Where gamers can leave the actual world and play games in a virtual one.

We follow Kirito and hundreds of other gamers who become caught in a game, unable to log out, and must complete all 100 stages to escape. They must strive and fight their way through the game's challenges. Did I mention that death in the game equates to death in real life?

4. Kuroku No Basket

Who'd have guessed that watching a sports series could be fun?!

Kuroko's Basket is a basketball-themed anime, and you might be saying to yourself, "But what if I'm not a basketball fan?" Well, I wasn't myself, and I found myself enjoying the sport of basketball due to this anime.

It's packed with everything you'd ever wish for – suspense, intriguing characters, super abilities (yes! players with superpowers.), and the opportunity to learn about basketball.

5. Toradora!

If you’re looking for something lighthearted, you can never go wrong with a rom-com like Toradora.

Toradora tells the story of Takatsu Ryuji and Aisaka Taiga, who resolve to help each other with their crushes. Obviously, things didn't go as planned.

Toradora is a teen romantic comedy with many dramatic moments. One of the most compelling features of the series is watching Taiga and Ryuji's friendship develop. They frequently proclaim that they can't tolerate one other, yet by the end of the story, they are the best of friends.

6. Death Note

Death Note needs no introduction, as I'm sure you've heard of it at one point. It's a well-known and influential anime series with a compelling plot appropriate for both new and experienced anime lovers.

Death Note tells the story of Yagami Light, a high school student who finds a notebook with the power to kill people. At first, everything appears to be straightforward, but as the series goes on, everything starts to twist and spiral in on itself. Prepare to ask yourself some serious, soul-searching questions after watching this anime.

7. Violet Evergarden

Do you believe we truly understand the meaning of "I Love You"? This anime does a good job of explaining what love means.

We follow Violet, a young girl who has been trained solely to destroy enemies on the battlefield. She was hospitalized and severely injured during the War's final stretch, and all she had were words from the person she loved most (I Love you), but she had no idea what they meant.

Now, we follow Violet on a quest to find the true meaning of the words. With just 13 episodes, this anime captures a lot about love, relationship, and letter writing.

8. Vinland Saga

The Vinland Saga takes us way back in time to 1013 AD England, under the reign of the Danish invaders known as Vikings.

The Vinland Saga is an animated historical story with a spice of adventure and action. With only 24 episodes, you'll be completely engrossed in the rich plot and adventure.

This is a good anime for beginners. Not too long, not too complicated, and enjoyable. Fans eagerly anticipate Season 2, as there is still more to discover.

9. Full Metal Alchemist Brotherhood

In a world of alchemy, two brothers, Edward and Alphonse, embark on a quest to reclaim their bodies after an attempt to resurrect their deceased mother goes awry, leaving them in damaged physical forms.

They begin unraveling a lot of mysteries while searching for answers, which keeps the story intriguing. With 64 episodes, this anime is packed with intense action, compelling characters, and suspense.

If you enjoy sci-fi, adventure, and historical fiction with a dash of magic, then FMAB is an excellent option.

10. Jujutsu Kaisen

Jujutsu Kaisen is a new generation shonen series popular and loved by fans. This series is ideal for fans of the occult as a fascinating dark fantasy. It's a great place to start if you're new to anime. This series is packed with clean & crisp animation, exciting characters, gory fight scenes, and curses.

In Conclusion
This list only scratches the surface, but it will give you a taste of different story ideas and animation styles to get you started. Please share your thoughts on the list in the comments section below!!
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