Top 10 Sports Anime in Every Genre

Top 10 Sports Anime in Every Genre

by Mythic on Jun 14, 2022

Sports anime, a genre that's been in the mix since the advent of time itself. Hell, Ashita no Joe was the very first boxing anime. No doubt, it's safe to say that the title is the godfather of ‘sports anime’ itself.

So today, we decided to walk you through some of the titles that define the sports genre. We'll have picks from every sport to ever exist so fret not for there are going to be a lot of top sports anime here!

10. Hajime no Ippo

A title that hits harder than Mike Tyson's knockout punch, Hajime no Ippo doesn't hold back a single punch. Widely considered to be the only boxing anime second to Ashita no Joe, you know Ippo isn't just a random joe at this point.

From humble beginnings to taking down the champion, it's been one hell of a ride. In case you're looking for a boxing anime that's not Megalo Box, Hajime no Ippo is one of the top sports anime out there!

9. The Prince of Tennis

We've heard the iconic, 'Mada mada da ne' more than just a couple of times now. Be it parody anime having a little too much fun or a middle schooler swinging that racket around, only one character can be called the king of the court, the prince of the sport. Ryoma knows how to turn the game around.

Making his foes have a taste of their own medicine, this tennis anime title has aged quite well. The whole journey really makes you reconsider that best sports anime spot you have in your heart.

8. Free!

Whether you're a newbie trying to become one with the water or just looking to feast your eyes on some anime hunks, Free! makes sure swimming anime stays a thing.

Nanase Haruka and a bunch of other faces are there to keep things wholesome yet interesting at the very same time. But with the backstory that the series offers, this sports anime is a treat and a contender for the best swimming anime out there!

7. Slam Dunk

Let's face it, making basketball do that fusion dance with dragon ball isn't everyone's cup of tea. Old school, true to both the court and the golden Shonen age, Slam Dunk is peak basketball anime through and through.

With Sakuragi and Rukawa showing us a healthy yet competitive sports anime relation, being called the best sports anime by many isn't a fluke at all!

6. Haikyuu

When it comes to volleyball anime, there aren’t a lot of titles to name. But one thing’s for certain. Thinking about modern sports anime, nothing has made more highlights than Haikyuu itself. Featuring the most dysfunctional yet the most synchronized duo you’ll ever see, Haikyuu is something else.

It’s just character development at its finest and with every character bringing something totally different to the table, there’s something for everyone. Sure, it takes breaks here and there but trust me, that only serves to do justice to the new season that drops every other year or so.

Claimed by many to be the top sports anime of the new Shonen Jump era, you have to check this out in case you haven’t.

5. Capeta

Go kart racing has had us hooked ever since Nintendo made Mario Kart hit consoles back in the 90’s. But in case you’re familiar with this hidden gem, you know that anime and go karts do go hand in hand.

Widely considered as something second only to the og Initial D, Capeta gives the perfect racing anime a Shonen touch. This just ends up bringing the perfect, out of the box experience to the table.

Sure, the anime isn’t racking numbers when it comes to fandom but trust me, the title of the top sports anime is just past that finish line!

4. Ace of Diamond

Well now that we’ve pissed the Major fanboys, let’s have Sawamura scream at the top of his lungs. To be honest it was super hard to choose between the two but personally, I think that Ace of Diamond has a more Shonen touch to it. Being gifted with a talent that he isn’t aware of himself, Sawamura Eijun looked nothing but a fool at the very beginning.

I mean even in a baseball anime he was an oddball. But the oddball carried his team to victory again and again and with act two going strong, we can expect a baseball anime return in the near future. It’s a long road but Seido High School would be aiming for that best sports anime title!

3. Sk8: The Infinity

Right after 2020, we were introduced to this new kid in town that managed to get away even after breaking every rule in the book. SK8 takes the sports anime setting to the very next level and gives skateboarding anime the justice that it truly deserves.

Be prepared to see a lot of stylish skateboards taking over your screens since we’ve got a bunch of quirky characters to keep you occupied for a while to come.

2. Yuri!!! On ICE

One of a kind, have you ever seen anime and ice skating bring something so beautiful? Enthralling and mesmerizing from the very start, YURI on Ice knows how to make magic happen.

Katsuki Yuri has shown us a dream that we didn’t want to wake up from, a dream that would soon be taking us all in yet once again. The world of ice-skating anime is truly magic itself with the title being a hot favorite when it comes to the top sports anime spot out there.

1. Inazuma Eleven

A blast from the past, Mark Evans and Axel Blaze were the very reasons a lot of us started playing soccer back in the day. In fact, it’s safe to say that Inazuma Eleven brought soccer anime to the big screen.

A lot of ‘hissatsu’ techniques to give you that adrenaline rush, this anime about football is a lot to handle. Even if you decide to watch it now, it doesn’t disappoint at all with a million sequels to choose from. The best sports anime spot is well within the Majin hand’s reach. FIGHT!!


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