Top 7 Underrated Anime To Add to Your Watch List

Top 7 Underrated Anime To Add to Your Watch List

by Mythic on Jun 26, 2022

The anime industry isn't a stranger to some shows never achieving the glory they've deserved ever since their debut. I mean even if you're talking about the 90s, the likes of Blue Seed and ‘Now and Then, Here and Now’ sound super arcane to most of you here. So today, we're here to talk about the most underrated anime. Better get those notepads ready!

1. Tokyo Magnitude 8.0

The best underrated anime list couldn't have had a better start. Using anime to portray disastrous situations has brought forth some wonderful pieces of art that we won't be able to forget even a million years from now. But Tokyo Magnitude 8.0 is something that'd keep you on the edge of your seat while making you cry the entire time.

Follow Mirai and Yuuki as they show you one of the worst earthquakes Japan has seen to date all the while the anime hints towards the ending of the series every now and then. This is one of the most underrated anime known to man, without a doubt.

2. Welcome to the N.H.K.

‘Hikikomoris’ and anime isn't a combo that doesn't fit well by any means. In fact, that very genre blend has made the screen have a taste of this masterpiece that's in fact one of the best underrated anime out there. Sato has been a shut-in for like forever now. But with Misaki coming into his life, things are about to change very soon.

Offering a helping hand, going out of her way to drag him out of the mess that he embraced himself, changing things has never been any harder. But with Sato's neighbor being a previous acquaintance from school and an otaku as well, let's see what the two plan together since these therapy sessions aren't going to be enough to break the chains that shackle Sato's poor existence.

Trust me, this is one of the most unique and underrated anime titles out there.

3. Tsuritama

When it comes to the countryside bringing all sorts of different things and experiences to life, there aren't many titles that come to mind. Barakamon is a perfect fit but what most people don't know about is that a certain 'Tsuritama' is one of the best underrated anime titles there is.

From a cast of unique characters to a story that's so absurd and so out of the box that it's loved to no end, Tsuritama is for sure a setting that wouldn't be surfacing any time soon. I mean we've got a secret organization going by the name of D.U.C.K.! If that doesn't have you sold then I don't know what went wrong in your life to be honest. This underrated anime sure deserves a lot more love!

4. Hikaru no Go

I’m pretty sure everyone’s heard of the masterpiece ‘3 gatsu no Lion’ that made highlights left and right a couple of years ago. But when it comes to underrated anime titles, I’m pretty sure Hikaru no Go takes the cake for most of us here.

Despite fans just bashing it for its ending, it’s without a doubt a story that brings the best that the human imagination has to offer. Watch Hikaru as he squares off against the best go players with everyone bringing something totally unexpected to the table every other episode or so.

The hand drawn animation looks crisp even today and the story would have you binging the title in no time. It’s for sure top 3 in my most underrated anime titles list and I’m pretty sure you’re about to rank it in a similar fashion.

5. Hamatora

Ever since Bungo stray dogs dropped the news about the series return, fans of the series have been going crazy. But what most people don’t know is that Hamatora is something that takes the whole superhero detective agency setting to the very next level.

As underrated of an anime title as it gets, Hamatora brings Nice and Mursaki as the perfect duo, making the two pull off some stunts that none of us could’ve ever anticipated. A lot of peculiar cases are in the mix and with the cast of characters never coming to an end even after two seasons of the series, we’re all going to be quite busy for quite some time here.

The powers known as minimums in this universe are also one of the bestselling points of the series so don’t miss out on this one!

6. Kids on the Slope

We’re also having Golden Time in the mix with this title since these two are for sure the most underrated romance anime series out there. Music has never sounded any better.

When music and romance come together, you know that magic is about to happen. Plus, Sentaro and Kaoru bring one of the most wholesome friendships that the screen has seen in a long time and the romance only comes as the perfect bonus while the slice of life sprinkle is there to fill in the gaps left behind by this wonderful genre combo.

When it comes to the romance genre, there isn’t a better title that fits the ‘underrated anime title’ any better so you better check it out soon!

7. Flame of Recca

When it comes to 90s anime, Yu Yu Hakusho is the title that carried the action genre to that finish line. But what most people have been sleeping on is that the likes of Flame of Recca have been one of the most underrated action anime titles even today.

With a lot of abilities and a plethora of characters that come to the stage over the entirety of its runtime, combat has never been any better without a doubt. You’ll fall in love with the protagonist right away and despite being the best underrated anime title there is, it does the action genre justice and the 90’s vibe is there to make you experience that nostalgia once again. Plus, the hand drawn art style is there so that comes as the perfect added bonus. 
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