10 Best Short Anime to Binge in An Day If You're Bored

10 Best Short Anime to Binge in An Day If You're Bored

by Prince Lammy on Jun 27, 2022

Everyone loves a good anime series with a nice long fulfilling story, but sometimes you just want to watch something short and nice. Whether you’re a new anime fan trying to navigate your way through the vast anime world, or you’re a hardcore fan just looking for something new to unwind, seeing a show with over 100+ episodes can be discouraging.

Not every anime has to be like One Piece. And we understand that, so here’s a list of some of the best anime series you can finish in just a few hours.


“What happens after we die?” is a question that has been debated many times and over various platforms. Some find the answer in religion or spirituality, but in Death Parade, the souls of dead people arrive at a bar, where they play a game to answer the aforementioned question. They are attended by Decim, who serves as the arbiter.

The anime is just 12 engaging, thought-provoking episodes long and it manages to keep every episode fresh by bringing in new characters. Death Parade is a psychological drama that engages your morality and forces you to pick a side or sympathize with the contestants. It also doesn’t hurt that the opening theme song is an absolute head bopper.


If you could go back to high school, would you? Most of us would probably say no, but Kaizaki didn’t, well it’s a little more complicated than that. Our main character is a 27 year old, whose life is in shambles. With all options exhausted, he participates in a paid research program “ReLIFE.” He takes a drug that makes him look 17 years old and is made to go back to high school. There he relearns some life lessons, falls in love and gains the will to pick his life back up.

In the space of 13 episodes, ReLIFE accomplishes three things; it tells a tragic love story, nearly kills you with genuinely funny moments and carves a better person out of Kaizaki.


The story takes place in a world where Beastmen, shape-shifting anthropomorphic animals, who are heavily discriminated against build a Utopia for all Beastmen, Anima City. We follow a human young girl, Michiru, suddenly changes into a tanuki Beastman. She must escape beast hunters and flee to Anima City. 

Although its only in its first season and having only 12 episodes, BNA has secured its place as a very good short show, unfortunately it is criminally underrated. Don’t be fooled by its bright vibrant colors, rib cracking comedy and cute protagonist, BNA tackles hard topics like racism and corruption plus it even has a few decent action scenes.


When half of an island mysteriously disappears off the face of the earth, an equally mysterious organization sends out invitations to various skilled fighters to compete in a competition to win the title of “God of High School” and a chance to have their one wish granted, no matter how big it is. Jin Mori is a loveable goofball but sincere person who participates so he can find his grandfather. He is accompanied by level headed straight-laced Han Daewi and our hardworking heartthrob, Yoo Mira as they participate to have their own respective wishes granted.

This 13 episode action packed, high octane show has sincere tear jerking moments sprinkled around and a compelling thriller that will leave you wanting more. It is only in its first season, so it perfect for anyone trying to kill time.


This anime is quite unusual. Every week at 5 p.m, an old man wearing a yellow mask shows up to a children’s playground and tells them short scary ghost stories based on urban legends and myths. 

This entry, on first glance, might seem like it doesn’t belong on this list as Yami Shibai has over 100 episodes. Wait a minute, before you skip this one, I think its worth knowing that each episode is just about 4-5 minutes. See, so you can watch about six Yami Shibai episodes in the time it takes to watch one standard 24 minute anime episode. If you’re a fan of scary stories then this show is perfect for you, I just wouldn’t recommend watching it in the dark.


With demons reawakened and on the loose, humanity falls into turmoil. A sensitive demon boy, Akira, is forced into a crazy war against evil by his shady friend, Ryo. This short anime contains provocative, sometimes funny and grotesque sex scenes, gore and demonic madness. It surely isn’t an anime for the little ones or the squirmish.

Devilman Crybaby has only 10 bloody episodes that are dark and well written. It also has many memorable scenes ergo the night club demon breakout, the rap scene and Akira watching an adult film in the school auditorium. Yeah this anime is weird.


High school student, Sato constantly runs into his young hot homeroom teacher, Kojima, in very awkward erotic situations. He’s not the only one with this blessing though. Rin, Takashi and Tanaka also happened to find themselves in implicating and often ridiculously funny situations with their various teacher crushes.

Its just 12 episodes long and I guarantee it is a fun time. There isn’t really a deep complicated story behind it, just fun ecchi.


My Dress-Up Darling broke the internet despite being released only a few months ago. It’s a testament to how good it is. The first season consists of only 12 episodes. The romance anime is about a young boy, Gojo (not to be confused with Gojo Satoru) who spends his free time making Hina dolls. He struggles to make friends due to his unique hobby, but when the most popular girl in school, Marin, shares a secret of hers with him, he discovers a new purpose for his sewing skills. Marin is a cosplayer in need of someone to make costumes for her, as you can see they’re a match made in heaven.

As the show progresses, we get to see Gojo and Marin’s cute love gradually grow. If the love story doesn’t bring you back, Marin definitely will.


Kinoshita got dumped by his girlfriend after only dating for a month. To avoid falling into depression, he downloads an online dating app to “rent a girlfriend.” He rents a very beautiful and attractive girl, Chizuru. While on a date with her, Kinoshita hears that his grandmother has been hospitalized. He rushes to the hospital with Chizuru. His grandma expresses how happy she is to see him with a beautiful girlfriend, which causes Kinoshita to continuously rent Chizuru. I don’t think I have to say that they gradually fall in love with each other. 

Its first season has only has 12 episodes and season 2 is on its way soon, so if you’re going to watch it you better get at it.


We’re all familiar with the zombie apocalypse genre, but I can guarantee you haven’t seen anything like High School of the Dead. It is a masterful combination of comedy, action, gore, ecchi and horror. Heavy emphasis on the ecchi. We follow a group of high school students and their air headed school nurse as they navigate the apocalypse.

High School of the Dead is only 12 episodes long and from the very beginning, it keeps you captivated for certain reasons. Just make sure you’re watching it alone.

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