Top 10 Strongest Attack Moves In Anime You Should Dodge

Top 10 Strongest Attack Moves In Anime You Should Dodge

by Daichi on Jun 28, 2022

Shonen anime is well known for its action, power grading, and over-the-top attack moves.

While Saitama's Serious Punch is unquestionably one of the strongest anime attacks, it's not the only one - let's look at a few of the best.

10. The Super Tengen Toppa Giga Drill (Gurren Lagann)

The Super Tengen Toppa Giga Drill Break is the ultimate move of the Super Tengan Toppa Gurren Lagann, a mecha made from pure energy and doesn't care about things like obeying the laws of physics. This attack move is a spinning drill formed of energy that is 20 trillion light-years long and spins at the speed of light.

Since the Giga Drill Break's strike is primarily theatrical, it is difficult to assess the force it unleashes. However, given the drill's size and the rate at which it spins, we can assume that the attack has enough power to move mountains.

9. Naruto’s Rasengan (Naruto)

Rasengan is one of the most popular jutsu in the entire Naruto-verse. It is a spinning ball of chakra that can cause severe damage at the point of contact. 

Minato, Naruto's father, invented Rasengan. But, his son, Naruto, evolved it after infusing his nature style, sage art and tailed beast chakra to create more powerful versions like Rasenshiriken, Planetary Rasengan, Big ball Rasengan, and many others.

Rasengan has become somewhat like a generational technique as we see Naruto's son, Boruto, using it. Boruto also evolves the technique by adding lightning release to make it disappear before impact. 

8. Kenshiro's Hundred Rending Fists (Fist of the North Star Franchise)

It's only logical that Kenshiro's hundred rending fists result in death every time he uses them. This technique allows Kenshiro to unleash a flurry of over one hundred punches that target the opponent's pressure points.

The fact that it occurs in the blink of an eye adds to its power. Whenever Kenshiro uses this strike, his target explodes in the head from all the pressure points he hits with crazed and lethal precision, killing them in a matter of seconds. 

7. Meliodas Full Counter (Seven Deadly Sins)

Full counter is typically the Reverse Uno Card of anime attacks. This technique allows meliodas to fully reflect whatever magic his opponent uses with double the damage, making it the perfect offense and defense.

Not just Meliodas is capable of using this move – Estarossa and Chandler, two of his demon brethren, also possess the ability. While Meliodas and Chandler can only reflect "magic" attacks, Estarossa can only reflect "physical" attacks. 

6. All Might's United States of Smash (My Hero Academia)

Allmight is popular for naming his attacks after American states like Detroit Smash, Carolina Smash, Missouri Smash, and The United States of Smash. 

The United States of Smash is the most powerful technique in All Might's vast arsenal. It is a smash attack that concentrates all of All Might's other smash attacks into one spectacular move.

Even though this move is just a super-strong punch, it still hits with a ton of force; The impact of this smash is so powerful that it was able to take down the mightly All for one. 

Upon striking All For One, the wind pressure from its delivery left a massive crater in the ground and spawned a twister strong enough to carry nearby buildings. 

We can only speculate how powerful this attack would have been during Allmight's prime since he used it in a weakened state, with his Quirk on the verge of dying out and still able to impact a significant amount of damage. 

Maybe Deku will use it someday, and we'll witness the true power of The United States of smash. 

5. Bankai (Bleach)

Swords play a significant role in bleach and are referred to as Zanpakuto (Soul Slayer). This Zanpakuto takes on a different form, with "Bankai" being the ultimate form. 

Bankai are rare, usually only seen on characters of Lieutenant or Captain ranks, and fully unlocking one often takes over ten years of intense training. Yet once mastered, they produce extraordinary powers, some of which transform their users and grant them the ability to use lethal attacks.

Typically, Bankai is unique to a Shinigami and distinct from another. To activate it, the Zanpakuto user must chant "Bankai and the Zanpakuto name." Upon hearing this, fans anticipate witnessing some insane battling.

4. Goku’s Spirit Bomb (Dragonball Z)

Although Goku is most often known with the Kamehameha, the Spirit Bomb is his weapon of choice when facing extremely strong opponents.

The spirit bomb is unquestionably the strongest attack in the whole Dragonballz series. With this technique, Goku is able to produce a massive ball of energy that will destroy his foe (And whatever else it touches) by drawing energy from all directions on the earth and, if necessary, the universe. 

Even without all the destruction, the sight of the enormous, glowing ball is impressive enough to convey the attack's potential. 

3. Ea's Enuma Elish (Fate Series)

Enuma Elish: The Star of Creation That Split Heaven and Earth is a powerful ability used by the blade known as Ea. Ea is the most valuable among the numerous weapons kept in Gilgamesh's treasure. 

As the strongest sword that the Gates of Babylon can produce, Ea isn't only able to slice through any opponent that dares to stand up to the Babylonian Hero but holds a technique that can sever through whatever is caught in its fury. 

Based on how serious the Archer-class Servant is feeling at the time, the accompanying flurry of wind, named after the pinnacle of creation, can cut through time, space, Noble Phantasms, and pretty much anything else. Even Saber's Excalibur cannot compete with its power.

2. Gods of Destruction's Hakai (DragonBall Z)

"It doesn't matter if you're an animal, mineral, or ghost; there is nothing Hakai can't destroy in the universe."

Hakai is a powerful ability used by the Gods of Destruction to completely obliterate whatever the caster chooses and cause them to cease to exist, whether it be a person, soul, or even a planet. 

There's no coming back from this technique by just waving some hand gestures. Even Goku and his Ultra Instinct can't survive a direct hit.

1. Saitama's Serious Punch (One Punch Man)

Saitama is known for his ability to knock anybody out with a single punch, which is just ordinary punches, then there's the serious punch. 

The attack is known as the "serious" punch because he typically doesn't need to take on enemies seriously since he can finish them off with a single blow. The Serious Punch, an attack that can stop a planet-destroying blast, comes into play when Saitama needs to put on his game face, yet even then, it appears that he wasn't really serious.

Just the shockwave from the attack is enough to annihilate anything; now, imagine him using it to hit someone directly.  

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