Top 10 Strongest Bleach Characters To Stay Away From

Top 10 Strongest Bleach Characters To Stay Away From

by Prince Lammy on Jun 29, 2022

BANKAI! Hearing that always gave me goosebumps because I knew what was coming next was going to be awesome. With the show getting an expectedly well-deserved comeback, we decided it would be a good idea to look back on some of the show’s most powerful characters. In this list, we are going to be discussing the various Bleach characters, their feats, their various abilities and decide who the strongest Bleach character is.

There was a time that Bleach reigned as one of the “Big Three” alongside Naruto and One Piece. Its influence in the anime community is undeniable. Bleach’s anime series began airing in 2004, but was abruptly canceled in 2012, however the manga continued and even introduced very powerful characters and upgraded the abilities of the existing cast. 

Bleach boasts an array of powerful characters, but we unfortunately can only fit ten in this list. So without further ado, let us take a look to determine who the most powerful is. Here we go.


Starting off our list at number 10 is Hitsugaya. The young prodigy with the icy exterior and fire in his heart. The only thing stronger than his Dragon inspired Bankai is his disdain for being treated like a kid by his comrades. 

He is able to craft icy appendages to aid him in battle and can instantly freeze his opponents. He became a formidable Shinigami- a Soul Reaper, for the uncultured. This cool customer is not to be underestimated.


Lille is one of the best products of the “Thousand-Year Blood War Arc”. While his base form isn’t much, it's his transformation that really makes him a fearful foe.

Like I said, his transformation is terrifying already, but if he decides it's not enough, he has a second transformation that makes him a complete menace to the Soul Society. He is also a very skilled marksman capable of shooting multiple shots through a set of wings when he’s in his enhanced form.


While he might seem to be an ordinary shopkeeper, Urahara is most definitely the best strategist in this whole show and this list. He proves that sometimes, brains are better than brawns, but do not get me wrong, he was a captain of the Gotei 13 after all. His intellect is unmatched safe for Aizen. This genius is lethal in every regard, to the point that he is able to hold his own against Aizen in a fight.

He’s not only a terrifying strategist, he is also one of the best mentors right up there with the likes of Kakashi. His tutelage is a primary reason Ichigo became a very powerful Shinigami. He’s very relaxed and always wears a smile, but be warned; when that smile fades, you’re dead.


Some people see strength as a measure of power or ability, Valkyrie’s strength comes from his raw tenacity and resilience. He is a Sternritter which effectively makes him unkillable. Knowing this, it is hard not to put him higher up on the list, but he was eventually taken down. This foe invokes a sense of dread because of how difficult it is to defeat him. He was easily the strongest fighter under Yhwach’s payroll.

Even after being cut in half by Kenpachi’s beast form, this behemoth still fought on. It was only a stroke of luck that managed to put him down as Yhwach activates his Auswahlen.


Speaking of the devil, this fan favorite bloodthirsty maniac was already formidable, but he became even more of a threat after finally achieving his Bankai. This big achievement put him a cut above the rest in the Gotei 13. This man lives for three things; fighting, killing and a sick combination of both. His love for a good blood bath is so enthralling, that you can’t help but get caught up in his enthusiasm. He’s the kind of savage you want on your team, even if he might try to fight you. Just ask Ichigo.

In his Bankai, Kenpachi essentially becomes a demon, sacrificing his body to attain superhuman levels of power strong enough to slash even the toughest of foes with relative ease.


The mastermind with a mullet, Bleach’s ultimate villain was certainly a force of nature unto himself. It takes a lot of strength to topple the Soul Society alone, and that is exactly what the former 5th division captain did. Aizen was not only one of the strongest members of the Soul Society, but he was also the best manipulator and strategist. If ever there were a personification of the amalgamation of brains and brawns, it would be Aizen. He is one of the best anime antagonists of all time and one of my personal favorites.

He would have been higher up on this list, but the fact that he isn’t is a testament to the level of the remaining characters. Besides, there’s probably a greater reason he’s fifth. After all, it’s all a part of his plan.


Another great product of the Thousand-Year Blood War Arc, the protector the Soul King and commander of the Royal Guard, Ichibe is an extremely skilled fighter with terrifying power.

Armed with his Bankai and Shikai, he is able to strip you of your powers, rendering you useless. It's no wonder he’s so high up on this list.


Being the head of the Soul Society isn’t just a title they give away carelessly. He has ruled over the Soul Society for so long gathering nothing short of a millennium’s worth of experience and skill. Do not let his old, frail body fool you. His wealth of experience and unrivaled skill, Yamamoto is a force not to be trifled with.


It would be criminal to leave the series’ main character out of this list, not because he’s the main character, but because he deserves to be. His journey from being one of the weakest Shinigami to out-scaling most of them is nothing short of inspiring. 

He is one of the most dynamic characters, bearing the powers of a Shinigami, Hollow, Quincy and a Fullbring. Let’s not forget to mention his sword mastery. His ever increasing power threshold kicks up an argument that he never even reached his pinnacle at the end of the series.


The son of the Soul King is no one’s equal. His frightening combination of skill, power, nullification abilities, intellect and his most powerful ability; The Almighty, which granted him foresight made him an absolute nightmare.

Sealed away for a millennia, it was no secret that he was the strongest character in the whole series. If it weren’t for a small, but priceless mistake, Yhwach would have successfully ended the world of Bleach singlehandedly.

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