10 Best Anime That Need Another Season ASAP

10 Best Anime That Need Another Season ASAP

by Prince Lammy on Jun 30, 2022

Imagine you pick up a random anime, and it’s really intriguing. You finish season one, on to season two. Unfortunately, there is no season two. You check what year it aired and it’s about 2011 or so, you check online if there’s any news about a new season in production, but there’s nothing. How cruel life can be sometimes.

Unfortunately, some good anime get canceled before they reach their peak or just haven’t received a new season for whatever reason. Let’s take a look at a few of them that I think must continue.


Join Bam as he journeys through the many floors of the Tower to hunt down his missing friend. While its genre is fairly straightforward, it does wonders with it, making great use of a diverse cast of complex characters and solid world building. 

It was adapted from one of the best manhua and the anime has barely scratched the surface of its source material, making us itch for more. Mainly because we want to see a happy reunion between Bam and Rachel, preferably ending with a sword in her chest.


Gangsta is a mafia- like anime you have never seen before, and the opening theme already had us hooked on this series. The main characters, Worrick and Nicolaus are one of the best duos of its time. It featured a ton of mature scenes, an interesting plot and awesome action. 

The last episode asked a lot more questions than it answered which raises the need and absolute necessity for a new season. The show ends with a cliffhanger and a wicked unresolved plot point. This show is highly underrated, but I wouldn’t necessarily recommend it to anyone, because I don’t want anyone feeling as lost as I did after the final episode.


It is possibly an offense that there is no third season for this show. I’d give all my 5 Yen coins just to see Yato come back in a brand new season. The show centers-around a relatively unknown god, who promised to help a normal school girl with a problem that he might have been responsible for. Noragami is filled with hilarious jokes as well as soft sincere moments. It is action packed and the openings are one of the best, especially season one’s opening theme. 

Although Noragami does have a second season, it is clear to see that there is still an adventure story to be told. Plus, I just want more of Yato.


Prison School is an undeniably wonderful anime that garnered a devout fan base across the world. There are various reasons this anime had such a large fan base; you could say it’s the slapstick humor, the myriad of interesting characters, or even its unique storytelling but we all know it’s the fan service that pulls the crowd. It’s about a gang of 5 boys who are transferred to an only girls’ school and somehow end up in the school’s prison. Why does a school have a prison? I don’t know. The show asks the viewers to suspend their disbelief multiple times, for instance, one character is able to control crows somehow. What?

It is quite a shame that this show could not get a second season, because the author of the source material has churned out chapters upon chapters filled with even raunchier adventures and crazy stories. Fans of the series are still waiting patiently for a new season, which might unfortunately never come.


Zombies, guns, rib cracking comedy, a handsome lead man and a stunning group of high school girls, plus an overly endowed school nurse. What’s not to love about this anime? The titular characters fight through a deadly apocalypse in search for a safe haven. 

The action, humor and endless fan service keeps you enthralled with the series, which makes it all the more unsatisfying when the anime ends abruptly without even answering the most important question; What caused the pandemic? It offers no hope for a better world for the cast and you’re left wondering how long their haven is safe.


Let’s shift gears a bit. Unlike the last few entries, ReLIFE is a rather sweet anime featuring some of the cutest characters. Its deals with a few mature themes like workplace abuse and suicide, but it isn’t all gloom and doom. It is actually a fun ride that also manages to teach life lessons along the way. It is primarily about an unemployed, unmotivated young man that is offered a second chance at life.

ReLIFE has only 12 episodes and an OVA. Even though the story seemed to have wrapped up nicely, fans still cannot get over how much they want more. The show has the potential for future seasons, but the powers that be seem to be content where it ended.


When the Gods across all cultures and myths decide that they have had enough of mankind, they hold a meeting to annihilate all of humanity. A lone valkyrie, Brun-Hilde, suggests the Gods give humanity one last chance to fight for their survival. However, there is only one way to overturn the Gods’ unanimous decision; Mankind must fight the Gods in a tournament to the death. Is it really possible for man to defeat their Gods? 

This show sports an ever changing cast of interesting and nuanced characters, as they pull only the best warriors from human history to compete. I’ve often found myself conflicted on who to support during fights and each fight keeps you on the edge of your seat. The show has been confirmed to return with a well-deserved second season and I could not be happier.


In a world where people are predisposed to randomly bursting into flames and becoming mindless demons, it is the job of the Special Fire Force to put them down. Follow one of my favorite protagonists, Shinra as he fights, not only the flames, but the literal demons of his past and tries to uncover the mystery behind the strange phenomenon, Spontaneous Human Combustion. Fire Force is best known for its beefy sound effects and beautifully choreographed fight scenes. Fans also like it for its colorful cast and their unique and creative pyrokinetic abilities. Its first season’s opening theme is also fire, no pun intended.

Fire Force has two seasons, and for the longest time, since 2020 anyways, fans of the series have been patiently waiting for the news of a third season. The source material has been completed and manga readers all agree that they would love to see it animated. Fortunately, a third season was green-lit last month, May 2022.


Talentless Nana is a relatively new and underrated anime. Having ended in 2020, I’m very hopeful it receives a second season. Especially since the first season ended with a cliffhanger that left me punching my pillow in frustration. The series takes its time in revealing key elements, so the thought of not getting more answers is one of my biggest nightmares.


One of the best battle Shonen anime out there and probably the reason you started watching anime in the first place, Hunter x Hunter is an action filled adventure story about a young boy who becomes a Hunter in order to find his dad. Even though the anime does end with Gon finding his elusive father, they make a point to tease that the 148 episode long anime has barely scratched the surface of its source material. How crazy.

The show ended in 2014 and ever since fans of the anime have been praying that the series continues. Rumor has it that the writer, Togashi, is on hiatus and he has expressed coming back to continue the series. Thankfully after 8 very long years, it has been confirmed that Togashi has returned to finish what he started. Hopefully news about the anime adaptation will follow soon.

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