Top 7 Shonen Jump Anime That Are a Household Name

Top 7 Shonen Jump Anime That Are a Household Name

by Mythic on Jun 26, 2022

The earliest genre known to anime itself, ranking the titles when it comes to the top shounen anime of all time is not an easy task by any means. But before we start brainstorming to infinity and beyond, let’s have the shounen anime meaning out of the way.

A shounen anime basically refers to series aimed at an audience that aren’t adults, being middle schoolers most of the time. I’m pretty sure a lot of you are shocked to hear that given how the years haven’t been kind to most of us but you can like whatever you want. So, with the shounen anime meaning out of the way, let’s have a look at the best shounen anime of all time!

1. Hunter x Hunter

We’ve got to start it off with the Shonen Jump superstar about to make a return soon enough. Hunter x Hunter has had the weirdest relationship with the Shonen Jump magazine. None of the Shonen Jump anime have seen so many days without a single chapter, heck even a single page coming out most of the time. That has had the fans super frustrated. But with the creator’s twitter account blowing right after he made one, the internet is about to have a lot of hunters on it soon enough.

A search for his father made all the better by the pure heart, the wholesome nature that Gon brings to the table makes him worthy of that ‘best character’ spot from the get go. Moving on, we see so many characters and get to know more and more about the hunters while the show manages to stay unique throughout the several arcs it brings to the screen. Some might regard it as the top shounen anime of all time and I’m pretty sure a lot of us can see where they’re coming from.

2. Yu Yu Hakusho

90’s anime hasn’t had a ghost detective as memorable as the man Urameshi Yusuke himself for once this delinquent yet kind hearted protagonist is in the mix, exercising the spirits isn’t going to be something anyone would be worried about. Having the weirdest Shonen Jump anime starts of all time, Yu Yu Hakusho manages to give meaning to such a weird story that it’s quite surprising for first time viewers if I could say so myself.

From fighting all kinds of foes to allying with some of them to going head-to-head against the strongest demons that the series has to offer, the spirit detective has been through a lot without a single day of vacation as the answer. Bringing the cult classic fight against Toguro, Sensui and Yomi to the screens, Yu Yu Hakusho is without a doubt one of the best Shonen Jump anime out there and with the 90’s anime vibe and the nostalgia defining the series through and through, you can’t miss out on this one right here!

3. Gintama

Parody and comedy haven’t had a better partner in crime than this little bad boy right here. Sure, the series starts off really slow with most of the episodes being just Gintoki and his dynamic duo trolling out of their minds for the most part.

But the studio Sunrise knows how to keep those fans up on their toes since filling the episodes with these cliff hangers every now and then, you can’t help but binge watch the series for all that it has to offer. Plus, the way it has that Shonen Jump anime vibe to it through and through and getting serious all of a sudden in the second half of the series makes it a name that lands a spot in the ‘top 5’ best shounen anime of all time.

4. Fullmetal Alchemist

The undisputable king of myanimelist, the title that has been at the top of the food chain even after its biggest competitors passing the baton to the new kids in town, FullMetal Alchemist is one of the best Shonen Jump anime of all time. Seeing the Elric brothers falling into despair the moment that first episode comes to a termination makes one break into tears right away.

Throughout the quest, bringing their bodies back while uncovering the secrets of alchemy, you can’t help but root for the boys who’ve had the most tragic of fate that any protagonist was cursed with. The term best shounen anime doesn’t do any justice to this title in my opinion since its just art that’s way beyond words.

5. Bleach

Making its long-awaited comeback later this year, Kurosaki Ichigo has kept the fans waiting for almost a decade now. Being regarded as one of the three pillars of the Shonen Jump anime, Bleach fans couldn’t have asked for a better year to be alive.

With the soul society arc still widely considered as the best shounen anime arc out there and despite the fans hating on the series because of the filler percentage, Bleach still holds that special place in everyone’s hearts and the fond memories won’t be fading away when it comes to this Shonen Jump anime right here.

6. Naruto

Probably the most well-known Shonen Jump anime around the world, Naruto is one of those titles that don’t need any introduction. I’m pretty sure all of us have binged the series a couple of times already. But that doesn’t change the fact that the title is still one of if not the best Shonen Jump anime of all time!

7. Dragon Ball Z

Who better to give this spot than the anime that still manages to break the internet whenever it decides to come to the stage every now and then. Goku has been our hero ever since we were kids and this tale of saiyans fighting the strongest that the universe has to offer just gives us that adrenaline rush that we crave, even today. The top shounen anime list is not complete without this godfather of the action genre and when it comes to the 90s anime, Dragon Ball Z defines the action and adventure genre in the best way possible.
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