Top 6 Best Mecha Anime You Can't Ignore

Top 6 Best Mecha Anime You Can't Ignore

by Mythic on Jun 23, 2022

Let’s be honest, there’s something about the giant metal bodies going at it like there’s no tomorrow. That’s the thing that has fascinated me the most when it comes to the anime mecha genre. With gundam being the og title in the scene, it’s no wonder that people have been sleeping on the other mecha anime out there.

So today, we’ve got the perfect treat for the anime robot fans since we’ll be giving you the best mecha anime of all time!

1. Code Geass

We’ve got to start the list with a title that showed us how mecha can be blended with anything on the planet without the result being a disaster. Our favorite prince of all time, Lelouch Lampreouge shows us how a mecha suit anime isn’t all what defines a good mecha anime.

On a quest to overthrow the kingdom ruled by his own father, his selfish thirst for vengeance has left him with regrets and emptiness he’ll never be able to fill no matter what. Widely considered as the best mecha anime of all time, you can’t help but binge watch the anime from time to time.

As if Death Note wasn’t enough, Geass was there to show everyone who’s the boss while Lelouch set the perfect stage to finally atone for the sins he’s committed at the very end of the series. Still the best ending any anime has brought to the screen!

2. Gurren Lagann

Never before has any one of us seen people fighting using literal planets and galaxies, that’s for sure. Gurren Lagann was the perfect breath of fresh air when it came to mecha anime. You had a trio being as unique as it gets while the art style threw the 90’s anime style out of the window in an instant.

But what I loved the most about the show was how enthralling it was. Making sure we were all in ever since we dived into the universe, the studio just never missed anything after that. I mean we don’t have much anime that feature a time skip while being ‘original’ and only a couple of episodes long now, do we? That caught me off guard if I’m being honest.

Witness how anime drills can have a lot more meaning than normal ones as you discover the secrets that this anime mecha universe is keeping, not only from the fans, but also from the people claiming to be the kings of these anime robots.

3. Bokurano

If you thought that code geass was ‘anime mecha meeting mystery and thrill’ the best way possible then you might need to rethink that. Bokurano shows us how anime robots can have way more to them than what meets the eye.

A simple vacation with a bunch of kids trying to have a good time just have their lives turned upside down because of a lean man pulling off a ‘Diane Keaton’ cosplay. The characters have got to feel bad about themselves afterwards.

Ever since the introduction, it’s just one character after another as they all fight using their own life force. All the while the anime keeps getting darker and darker, making the likes of Evangelion biting the dust soon enough. The 90’s anime style is there and the whole setting is so bewitching that you can’t help but want to get to the bottom of everything as soon as possible.

One hell of an underrated title, this mecha anime for sure deserves a lot more love from fans all around the world! The word hidden gem just doesn’t do it justice if I’m to describe the show in one word.

4. Knights of Sidonia

It isn’t every other day that we have a mecha anime that features an E.T. setting. With Mother Earth destroyed even before we tune into the show, Knights of Sidonia makes sure each and every one of the viewers is on their toes from the very start.

The alien race Gauna is out for human blood and won’t stop without making the human race go  extinct once and for all. But on the other side, Tanikaze wakes up from his deep slumber. It sure sucks when you wake up to the sight of aliens destroying your new homeland.

Now it’s up to the boy right here as he and a bunch of others use any means necessary to fight against their alien foes, making us witness the best ‘anime mecha alien’ blend anyone could ever ask for.

5. Neon Genesis Evangelion

With the final movie of the series dropping not that long ago, you can’t help but praise this masterpiece that has stood the test of time.

Seeing Shinji’s psychological adventure in the 90s anime style still gives the modern versions a run for their money super quick. I’m pretty sure you’ll agree with me on that one. Neon Genesis Evangelion still remains the peak 90s anime experience when it comes to the mecha genre.

I know, it’s hard to understand. Especially in the second half of the series where you start getting bombarded from every direction possible. But that doesn’t change the fact that it’s one of the best mecha anime out there and seeing the dots connect in the best way possible just makes it a beautiful experience through and through.

6. The Gundam series

With the likes of Hathaway Flash and Iron Blooded Orphans making highlights all over the internet, seeing this title when mecha anime is the topic of discussion isn’t anything out of the ordinary.

Being the godfather of anime robots, the mecha genre has come a long way from its humble beginnings, set into motion by Gundam itself back in the late 70’s. Studio Sunrise hasn't stopped either. With every other year featuring more and more Gundam for the fans and the merch selling like hot cakes, you can’t help but want to get into this top mecha anime that brings a lot to the table. Even if it’s a long long watch, make sure you’ve checked out the signature titles that the series is known for! 

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