5 Best Manga Made Popular Through Shonen Jump

5 Best Manga Made Popular Through Shonen Jump

by Mythic on Jun 22, 2022

Easily, the best weekly magazine out there. Shonen Jump is older than most of our grandparents at this point. Throughout Shonen Jump manga, some have made quite a bigger impact when compared to their peers and predecessors alike.

So today, let’s have a look at some of these manga titles that spread like wildfire throughout the world, the magazine having a huge part in their unbelievable success.

5. Shaman King

Being in the weirdest of positions, Shaman King is a shonen manga that’s known and loved by millions of fans around the world. But Takei’s little boy has seen both good and bad days since with publication ‘switchings’ and tough competition being two of the biggest enemies of this title back in the day, no one could expect the title to be the behemoth it is today.

Bringing the 90s manga vibe to the pages, Shaman King is one of the most shonen manga out there. It stays true to the genre roots and delivers an experience good enough for the show to score a remake, even today. I mean just look at the character design! Such a unique aesthetic that it makes you fall in love with it in a second.

4. My Hero Academia

Having the most ‘mixed’ fanbase I’ve ever seen in my life, My Hero Academia is a Shonen Jump manga started off super strong. I mean you aren’t an average Joe when people expect you to overthrow the shonen magazine king, Naruto.

But truth be told, this Shonen Jump manga hasn’t been able to deliver the 90s, even the 2000s manga feel, in my opinion. Still in continuation with a lot of volumes to its name at this point, the series has had its ups and downs, with the latter weighing down the series a bit too much at times. But diehard fans still love the series and would read anything that Kohei throws at them. I guess they’re right when they say that ‘one man’s trash is another man’s treasure’.

3. One Punch Man

Having amassed millions of hits long before Yusuke Murata was there to grace ONE’s mind with his artwork, One Punch Man ranks high when it comes to the shonen manga list. But since it wasn’t always a Shonen Jump manga, not belonging to the weekly Shonen Jump magazine, did hinder the rising punch from knocking out the world in one go.

As a matter of fact, One Punch Man has gone super Hollywood ever since ONE and Yusuke teamed up on the stage. That stage being the Shonen Jump magazine itself. Whether it’s the caped baldy that has you head over heels for the series or just the S class heroes ready to give the monsters a free trip to the afterlife, One Punch Man doesn’t know how to hold back at all. 

It’s widely considered as the best shonen manga of all time and the manga aesthetic with Yusuke Murata being the one behind the art makes it a heavenly flurry of punches to the eyes if I could say so myself.

2. Demon Slayer

A story about a young boy fighting demons to turn his demon sister back to a human once again is the most Shonen Jump setting I’ve ever heard of. I’m pretty sure everyone would agree with me here. We used to watch the 90s anime series pull off this setting while bringing us moments that are unforgettable, even today.

Tanjiro, it has surely been a journey to remember! The anime has been going super strong as well, doing the Shonen Jump manga justice through and through. With the guys at ufotable working like there’s no tomorrow and the shonen manga there to have more than enough surprises up its sleeve, Demon Slayer is as big as it has ever gotten.

Plus, with the new trailer of the sequel dropping soon, you can’t help but get excited even if you’re not super drunk on the series. This Shonen Jump superstar is going to stay on the stage for a while! Watch as it surprises you over and over again without you asking for it even once.

2. The Promised Neverland

Being the most unique, the most adrenaline packed Shonen Jump anime that doesn’t focus on action the entire time isn’t a feat that’s easy to accomplish. But The Promised Neverland showed us how the mystery/suspense genre combo from the old days still packs more than just a punch, right in our faces.

Emma, Norman and Ray could give the Shonen Jump manga trios a run for their money in a heartbeat, no matter the time or the day. But despite the anime studio doing the weekly Shonen Jump title dirty, that didn’t change what we remembered and loved about the series.

In fact, after seeing that last season, more and more fans picked up this Shonen Jump rising star for the story, the characters it brought to the table. I know, that sounds super unexpected given how things turned out but that’s the reality about the series. In case you haven’t already, make sure you give the rest of the shonen manga a read!


1. Dr. Stone

Einstein meets anime couldn’t have been any better. Gone are the days when the weekly Shonen Jump magazine was all about a bunch of macho guys going at each other with all what their bodies were about. In the ‘modern, modern’ stone age, it’s a battle of wits. And we’ve got the only 500 IQ shonen manga protagonist as our main man so what’s there to even worry about? This Shonen Jump manga ended not that long ago and with that 90s art style defining the series in a nutshell, skipping out on this one would be a huge loss, trust me. Get outsmarted over and over again for Senkuu would only change the questions once you think you have the answers, simple as that. So better give up and see the boy make science do the magic for us!

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