10 Best 90s Anime Movies You Might Have Forgotten

10 Best 90s Anime Movies You Might Have Forgotten

by Prince Lammy on Jun 21, 2022

Aside from our products that make you stand out in a crowd, do you know what else is unique? 90s anime movies! And these movies are pretty fantastic and unique, as they carry an emblem of the 90s anime aesthetics, which brings back good memories (I'm sure).

If you were looking for something to take you on a trip down memory lane on anime films from the 90s, I have a few here for you. And did you know that DBZ alone has more than five movies in its series?! Look at these, and let's see what memories they spark!

1. Memories

This is a science fiction trilogy that was in production for three years. It consists of three anime movies released one after another. 

The terrifying short story "Magnetic Rose" follows a crew of engineers as they explore a deserted space station and come face to face with strange paranormal forces. 

In the movie "Stink Bomb," a teenage lab worker consumes a chemical weapon by mistake and transforms it into a walking killing machine. 

A little kid and his father face an uphill battle for life in the dystopian metropolis of "Cannon Fodder," which is driven by paranoia.

2. Pom Poko

With graphics and animations peculiar to the 90s, here comes an anime synonymous with cartoons. And even the storyline doesn't look like one that could've been made into a series. But what is Pom Poko about?

A band of mystic raccoon dogs with the ability to shapeshift into other species. These magical raccoons had to wage a desperate battle to prevent the destruction of the forest that serves as their natural habitat at the hands of humans.

3. Battle Angel

Of course, you must have seen the movie Alita, Battle Angel, released on Val's day of 2019. Who would've thought this movie was adapted from a manga titled "Gunnm"?

Set in the future, the show follows the adventures of Alita (referred to as "Gally" in the Japanese version, among others), an artificially intelligent woman discovered in a junkyard by a cybernetics expert who then restores her memories. 

The famed cyborg Panzer Kunst turns out to be all she can recall, prompting her to take on the role of a Hunter Warrior. The plot follows Alita as she tries to piece together her background and the people she encounters along the way.

4. Dragon Ball Z: Return of Cooler


Amongst all DBZ movies, this is the ninth. However, under the DBZ banner, it is the sixth. It is also a direct sequel to DBZ: Cooler's Revenge.

Produced in 1992, it tells how Goku and his friends harkened to Dende's call for help and traveled to Namek. Upon arrival, Goku not only finds out that Cooler is responsible for the attacks but also has some nefarious plans for the planet. 

After some while, however, Goku succeeds in overloading the system and killing Cooler, but it wasn't an easy feat.

5. Porco Rosso

Also known as The Scarlet Pig, this anime tells the story of an Italian ex-fighter who later became a bounty hunter. But what's more surprising? The main character had been transformed into a pig (with human-like attributes).

Porco Rosso is a comedic adventure-filled movie based on a manga titled Hikotei Jidai. And among the comedy anime movies produced in 1992, it was one of the best and highly rated.

6. Robot Carnival

This is a Japanese OVA (Original Video Animation). But unlike most OVAs, the movie comprises nine shorts directed by various famous directors, many of whom began their careers as animators and had very little or no experience directing films. Every one of them has its one-of-a-kind animation style, and their stories range from comical to dramatic in tone.

Robot Carnival is one of those few sci-fi 90s anime films you wouldn't forget (minus the 90s movie aesthetics).

7. Spriggan

Another movie that brings out the unique 90s anime style is Spriggan. And like most anime, it was adapted from a manga by Hiroshi Takashige.

A sophisticated civilization once dominated Earth but was destroyed by the misuse of its resources. They left notes for future generations on indestructible plates engraved in ancient Hebrew, telling them to destroy their inventions if they couldn't find a use for them.

It tells the story of an elite agent with superhuman abilities that has been tasked with preventing a hostile military organization from gaining possession of an ancient item that contains the secret to absolute power.

8. Ghost in The Shell

Finally! I know you've been waiting for this particular piece. It's almost like this list wouldn't be complete without this piece. Ghost in the Shell is one of the most popular anime movies from the 90s, especially since movies, games, and merchandise have been created for this film.

In this Japanese anime, Maj. Motoko Kusanagi pursues "The Puppet Master," who unlawfully hacks into cyborg-human hybrids' minds. Motoko's pursuit of a guy who can change strangers' identities makes her wonder what life would have been like if she had other human features.

One reason, however, that this movie is still fresh in our minds is the fact that it's one of the top sci-fi movies that we'll never forget. The plot and setting are of a world way into the future that even 21st-century movies don't entertain.

9. Whisper of The Heart

You would've guessed that this is a romance film even from the title. This might even add a soothing touch to the list, just like the products in our Sunset Collection do to you.

The plot follows a young man named Seiji, who aspires to be a master luthier. Seiji crosses paths with Shizuku, an aspiring writer. The two end up falling in love while concurrently working towards accomplishing their respective ambitions.

10. Jin-Roh: The Wolf Brigade

The movie's protagonist is a member of a special police squad that operates during an alternate history of Japanese riots that occurred in the 1950s. Kazuki Fuse is placed on trial and returned to the training camp for reevaluation when he disobeys an order to execute a terrified young girl and then witnesses the girl commit suicide by igniting an improvised explosive device in front of him. 

When he went to visit the grave of the girl who had committed suicide, he ran into the girl's sister, Kei, who did not blame him for her sister's death. The story progresses as the two build an odd bond throughout the movie.

To Sum It Up

This collection hardly touches the surface, but it will offer you a taste of numerous story concepts and retro anime movies. Please leave your feedback in the comments box below on your thoughts on the list!

Domo Arigato-guzeimasu!

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