9 Water Activated Eyeliner Looks to Try in Summer 2022

9 Water Activated Eyeliner Looks to Try in Summer 2022

by Mayra on Jun 24, 2022

Water activated liners have been in the trend for quite a while now. They make you look trendy and fashionable no matter where you choose to wear them. You’re definitely going to rock the water activated liner look on any occasion. The recent trend has everybody hooked to the colorful water activated eyeliners that look very fresh and fashionable. There are endless ways you can rock your colored eyeliner and it’s also very easy to pull off!

For those of you who aren’t familiar with what a water activated eyeliner is, let me explain it to you. Water activated eyeliners are very much like water color paints. It is dry at first but when a little bit of water is added to it, it becomes creamier and can be used instantly. They also resemble pressed powder eyeshadows but the difference is that they turn a little liquidly and creamy when they’re exposed to water. 

You will see water activated eyeliners in little pots mostly but there are some eyeliners that also come in palettes. It’s actually better to use water activated liners in pots because they’re less messy that way. One thing about water activated eyeliners is that they’re not water-proof. However, these liners sure are smudge-proof!

While applying a water activated liner is not that difficult, you must keep in mind the right tools needed for applying it. A thin brush is going to be your best choice to apply a water eyeliner. Today, we’ll be discussing some of the best colors and ways you can apply a water activated liner to look trendy and unique. So if you’re interested, let’s get going!

1. White 

Now, there are many ways you can apply a white water activated eyeliner onto your lids. You can even apply it in your water line so that you could look more awake and fresh. For starters, you can apply the liner all over your lid. You can check out our Matte Aqua Liner in shade Togetic to create this unique look. You can finish off this look by applying a black eyeliner to your lash line and that way you would look more appealing.

If you want to be a little dramatic with your water activated eyeliner then go ahead and apply the white liner all around your eye, creating a bigger outline around your whole eye. That’s how you can rock any white eyeliner look!

2. Black

All women have been using black eyeliner since ages and there are endless ways you can use a black eyeliner to create the look that flatters your eye shape. We know how flattering and sexy a winged eyeliner or a cat eyeliner looks. You have to be really precise for this one.

What you need to do is to dip your thin brush in your liner pot and apply a thin line on the outer corner of your eye that is pointing a bit outwards and in an angled position with your temple. Now, draw a line from the outer corner of the line you drew that points inwards, creating a hollow wing. Apply the eyeliner on your lash line and fill in the space inside the wing you just created. That’s how you can apply a simple winged liner. It’s definitely not going to be easy for beginners but with practice you’d be able to do wonders! 

3. Pink

Pink graphic eyeliner is going to make you stand out from the rest of the crowd. It’ll look so flattering if you’re going to wear a pink outfit. Now, there are a lot of ways you can apply pink eyeliner to your lids. It’s better to stick to a water activated eyeliner because it’s very easy to work with and it won’t smudge or leave its place after applying.

You can start with a simpler look. It requires you to apply your pink eyeliner in the inner corner of your eyes. Just dab it in with your brush to give some color to the inner corner of your eyes. You can complete the look by applying a wing on the outer corner of your eyes. You’re going to love the Mew shade from our Matte Aqua Liners collection because it’s the perfect pink shade for completing your pink eyeliner look.

Another look you can definitely rock is drawing a very thin curved line above your crease. Then create a connecting line from the outer corner of your eye. You’ll need a darker pink shade for this look and you can definitely check out the shade Porygon.

4. Purple


Working purple eyeliner into your look might look like a tough task but trust me, the end result will definitely please you. While you may be devoted to using only black eyeliner, a little experiment won’t hurt anyone. Purple eyeliner has been the latest trends and we’re loving the looks different influencers and YouTubers are creating.

The first purple eyeliner look you can rock is the ombre eyeliner. The slight transition between the two colors blended together just looks very flattering. For this look, you’ll need two different shades of purple. You can check out the shade Golbat which is dark purple and Koffing which is a slightly light purple shade from our collection. Apply the dark purple shade from the inner corner of your eye along your lash line till the center. 

Now get the light purple shade and apply to the rest of your lash line till the outer corner and create a slight or dramatic wing. It all depends upon your taste, then blend the two colors together and you’ll get the ombre purple eyeliner look. You don’t really need to have light purple as the other color. You can use the color of your own choice and that compliments the dark purple shade.

Another water activated eyeliner that you can try is the floating crease eyeliner. It was the talk of the town back in 2020 and it’s still hot. For this look, grab a purple pot eyeliner. Draw a curved line just above your crease to make it look like it’s floating. This one is pretty simple and looks absolutely gorgeous. Don’t be afraid of experimenting with your makeup. It’s okay if you fail initially but once you get the hang of it, you’re going to love the results!

5. Yellow

Yellow is a happy color and the perfect color for summers. The best thing about yellow is that it looks good on all skin tones. In summers, you would like to put on minimal makeup but also want to look fresh, right? Yellow water activated eyeliner will add a pop of color on your face and you’ll look fresher and trendier than ever. It sure is an unusual color to put on your eyes but trust me, it looks really flattering.

Our collection of Matte Aqua Liners has a shade named Beedrill which is a fresh yellow color and is perfect for any kind of yellow eyeliner look. You can add a little bit of yellow water activated liner to the inner corner of your eyes and that alone is enough to lighten up your whole face. If you want to be a little dramatic, you can go on and create a graphic look covering the upper and the lower lashline of your eyes with yellow eyeliner. It is going to make you stand out from the crowd and look very attractive as well. 

You can also go ahead and create a little flick with yellow eyeliner on the outer corner of your eye. It will change the shape of your eye as well as look extremely cool and minimal. 

6. Blue

We definitely nee to step out of the box and experiment with bold and bright colors when it comes to our eye makeup looks. Blue is a very flattering color that will look great as an eyeliner if you’re heading to some event at night. 

If you’re feeling bold and are ready to experiment, you definitely have to try out this look. You can check out the shade Articuno from our collection. It’s the perfect blue shade for this kind of look. All you need to do is to grab your water activated liner and draw a sharp line on your lower lash line. You can be as graphic as you want with this one. The blue color will definitely stand out on any skin tone and will look very unique. 

7. Light Blue

Light Blue is the color of the sky. It’s also a color of the summer! This color looks so fresh on the eyes that I would personally love to wear it every single day. The pastel hue of this color looks very flattering even when it comes to clothes. If you’re planning to stick to the monochrome look, we got you. This look is quite simple as you’ll need to apply your water activated liner all over your lid and create a small wing. You can create a dramatic wing as well but that all depends on your own choice. You can rock this look with the same-colored outfit you’re wearing. Make sure to wear the same-colored shoes and you’ll shine so bright. We have the perfect shade named Wobbuffet in our collection to create this kind of look. Make sure to check it out!

8. Orange

Bright orange colors look extremely flattering and fresh in summers and there’s nothing better than a bright orange eyeliner. It’s one of the latest colors that are in trend for eyeliner. Some of you might be worried that orange is such a bold color and whether you will be able to pull it off or not. Worry not, we’ll let you know about the right way to apply an orange water activated eyeliner to your eyes. 

There are three different ways you can apply orange liner to your eyes. The first one is a simple wing. You can apply a little flick or be dramatic with your wing, depending upon the occasion. This is the simplest orange eyeliner look that’s not that graphic or bold. 

The second one includes applying orange eyeliner on your waterline. You need to be doing a little bit of brown smokey eye makeup in order to pull off this look perfectly. We have the shade Ho-oh in our collection for you to use for this look!

The third look that you can create with an orange water activated eyeliner is to smudge it out. You can apply the liner to either your upper lash line or your lower lash line and just smudge it out with a brush. This will create a carefree look and you’ll be able to do it super-fast!

9. Rainbow

Drawing a rainbow on your eyelids with some water activated liners is going to be the peak creativity that one can show. It might take a lot of time and a little bit more effort but it’ll definitely look amazing.

For this look, you’ll need a bunch of water activated eyeliners with different colors. Our collection of Matte Aqua Liners have every single color that you need to create the rainbow look. 

After prepping your eyes, start applying different colored eyeliners along your lash line and blend all the colors around their corners. You’ll need only a little bit of blending with this one. Make sure to create a wing on the outer corner of your lid. This eyeliner look will have you flooded with compliments!

Water activated eyeliners are very convenient to use and are less messy, making your life a lot more easier. With different colors available, you can experiment as much as you want because there’s no end to creativity. Make sure to check out our collection of Matte Aqua Liners and rock your favorite eyeliner look!

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