Best 10 Creepy Anime That Will Keep You Up At Night

Best 10 Creepy Anime That Will Keep You Up At Night

by Prince Lammy on Jun 25, 2022

From across the different genres of anime, Shonen remains the most popular. But that's not to underestimate the waves some other genres have also been making. An example is the horror/tragedy, which seems to be crawling steadily out of the shadows.

And regardless of how some people do not fancy creepy anime, there's no doubt that they tend to give a particular thrill and excitement to shows and are therefore worth mentioning.

Listed and ranked below are some of the best creepy anime you'd find.

10. Tokko

When it comes to depicting gore and blood, some animations seem to use all resources at their disposal to help you redefine "creepy." 

I think one primary reason why many people haven't seen this anime yet isn't because of the aesthetics but the plot.  This is not to say that Tokko does not have incredible artwork. It's simply... fine. The images have a rough appearance, which is appropriate for a horror or slasher anime, given the show's main storyline.

9. Shiki

Okay, so let's begin with the show's genre: Shiki is a horror/tragedy show, but more than anything else, it's exhilarating, and it'll have you clutching to your seat and wanting more. My attention was grabbed by Shiki's creepy storyline and its richly developed cast of characters. 

Given that it takes place in a relatively tiny village, it continues to astound me that they were able to cram everything in there. I was amazed to learn that practically everyone had a well-built history. 

In conclusion, I would suggest that anybody interested in philosophizing and going insane see this program since Shiki brought both of those topics to an entirely new level.

8. Puppet Princess

I'm not supposed to, but I couldn't help but pity her victims. Imagine dying at the hands of a puppet, something that's not even alive! And all for a crime you committed some years back, one you'd even forgotten.

This creepy anime movie brings to mind the Chucky sequel (if you're a fan of horror movies also, you'd know this). But on the soft side, the presence of Manajiri in her life sometimes lightens the movie's mood.

7. Tokyo Ghoul

Suppose you're looking for a perfect combination of action + creepy + drama + blood + thrills. In that case, Tokyo Ghoul is where you should be looking.

In telling the story of humans and ghouls (human-like creatures that have special powers called Kagune and feed on humans), this anime depicts the exact situation between prey and predator.

Doing away with the censored bits of the anime, Tokyo Gore (as I like to call it) is one creepypasta anime you should never watch if you cant stomach the sight of blood. And not only that but seeing some crazy investigators in play also added to the general creepiness of the show.

6. Vampire Knight

It is only natural to expect and see some horror whenever vampires are involved, for that is their nature. And it's usually more interesting when humans don't know that their counterparts are more than they seem to be. 

The tendency of Vampire Knight to descend into gothic horror and the unappealing aspects of vampire love make it a true standout among the Twilight-likes that were popular during that era. Vampire Knight is an excellent standout among the Twilight likes that were popular during that period.

5. Deadman Wonderland

This one exciting anime would still send shivers down your spine. Even from the first scene, the massacre of 29 pupils made me quiver.

Deadman Wonderland tells the story of a kid who was set up and sent to prison, not meant for someone like him. As the 12-episode anime plot progresses, Ganta uncovers more about "The Red Man" amidst more death and bloodshed.

4. Death Note

Aside from the title, looking at a character like Ryuk might make you look sideways. How would you feel about the thought of someone having a book (or note) in which whoever's name is written in it would die a miserable death?

Despite its serious tone and high level of being creepy, this anime occasionally displays a humorous side. It doesn't take much activity to keep you on your toes, but it has a high potential for addiction.

Another thing to like about Death Note is that the primary characters aren't one-dimensional. Yet, the storyline manages to be both straightforward and intricate simultaneously. 

And just so you know, Death Note got banned in some countries due to being "too disturbing."

3. Pet Shop of Horrors

This anime's plot talks about people doing things similar to making deals with the Devil, which, as we know, never ends well.

People looking for something unique but can't find it often go to Count D in Chinatown since he owns a pet shop that offers exotic and hard-to-find pets. With each purchase, however, customers are required to sign a contract. 

Everything works out well if the conditions of the deal are adhered to. Still, suppose the deal's conditions are broken in any way. In that case, the pet store cannot be held liable for any terrible events resulting from the breach.

2. Theatre of Darkness: Yamishibai

Lots of reviews about this anime range from it being delightfully creepy to being a portal into Japanese horror. It's almost like saying that most other creepy movies/animations do not even compare to it.

On the other hand, Yamishibai satisfies a significant void in my appetite for the horror genre in anime. It makes you feel like you're listening to a story over the campfire. It's the kind of sensation you could get if you listened to a story being told at a sleepover or read about it on an online discussion. 

I like these shorts, and guess what? There will be a Yamishibai 2! So yeah, the gore never ends! 👹

1. When They Cry: Higurashi

It is widely acknowledged that the anime horror series Higurashi is the most terrifying and effective (at creeping you out) of all time.

With 26 episodes, the show, which premiered in the Spring of 2006, tells the story of bizarre events, strange murders and disappearances that have been the order of the day in Hinamizawa, the quiet village Keiichi just moved into, changing her life. 

However, when her newly-found friends decided not to be forthcoming with the truth about the strange events occurring in their village, Keiichi stumbled right into the whole mess. But how would she take it all? And how did it affect her?


The above-listed selections aren't the only creepy anime out there. However, these are the best and most popular you'd find.

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