Top 10 Best Samurai Anime Series You Should Watch

Top 10 Best Samurai Anime Series You Should Watch

by Prince Lammy on Jun 19, 2022

To be definitive, a samurai isn't simply an image from Japanese history of a man wielding a sword. In a feudal society, samurai were military officers who served the original or indigenous lord. As Japan streamlined, its positions came obsolete, and they faded into history. 

Filmmakers and animators likewise emulate the image of the noble and heroic samurai figure, which is flashed back with reverence in pictures and media. Although the delineations range from realistic to ethereal, they're all pleasurable. Here are a few of the best samurai anime you would find.


After falling on adversity, a samurai responds to a villager's request for assistance. The town is under fire by bandits, therefore the samurai gathers six others to assist him in teaching the people how to defend themselves, while the villagers feed the soldiers. 

When 40 bandits attack the village, an enormous battle breaks out. This series, as compared to most different idealisms of anime and/or animation is quite intriguing, but it’s an EPIC series that I think anyone and everyone who gets a chance to see should see; you will not be disappointed because there is something for everyone


The struggle for power and unification during the Sengoku period resulted in unending bloodshed in unstable Japan. Nobunaga Oda, the "Demon King of Owari," has established himself as the most powerful ruler among the warring generals. He is determined to crush anyone who stands in his way of establishing a tyrannical central government, friend or foe. 

Only the "One-eyed Dragon of Oshu," Masamune Date, and the distinguished but hot-blooded warrior of the Takeda clan, Yukimura Sanada, dare to oppose Oda. This masterpiece is very simple and easy to understand; it is not complex and does not attempt to be. 

Characters are introduced into battle with sufficient backstory, and the flawless artwork and effects used during combat scenes add a special touch and births perfection.


The plot begins in Shizuoka in 1629, during the reign of Tokugawa Tadanaga. Despite the objections of his vassals, the daimy held a competition in which members fought with genuine steel Japanese swords rather than wooden swords. The story's theme is the impact of a merciless world on the people who live in it from the beginning. 

You could be forgiven for thinking that Kogan is the source of all evil and that his followers, once set on his path, are trapped in a dangerous cycle. Many commentators have criticized Shigurui's ending as being distant, unexpected, and sub-par. I completely disagree, and the key to understanding the ending is displayed throughout the manga and is unequivocally expressed within the final scene.


Two rival ninja clans, the Iga Tsubagakure and Kouga Manjidani are involved in a centuries-long blood rivalry during the commencement of Japan's Azuchi-Momoyama period (late 16th century). When Hattori Hanz the 1st succeeds in striking a cease-fire between the two clans by conscripting both into the service of Tokugawa Ieyasu, the conflict eventually comes to a stop. 

Regardless, there is still bad blood between the clans, resulting in a shaky coexistence at best. An extremely under-appreciated anime that is consistently entertaining. The combat is superb, and there are some impressively animated sequences, especially for such a time period. There's some excellent brutality, as well as interesting personalities and unique/cool skills.


Samurai Champloo is a film about three strangers who meet on a voyage across Japan during the Tokugawa era (commonly known as the Edo Period). It uses a mix of historical Edo-era backdrops as well as contemporary styles and inspirations. 

The drama is based on true events from Edo-era Japan, such as the persecution of Christians following the Shimabara Rebellion ("Unholy Union;" "Evanescent Encounter, Part I"), and Dutch exclusivity during a period when an edict prohibited foreigners from entering Japan. 

Samurai Champloo is much more than a gorgeous and modern sword fest. It's also a masterwork of offbeat humor and a lesson in storytelling and character development for most authors. It has without a doubt the most fun, enjoyable, and instantly likable principal characters I have ever seen in anime.


Is a man's willpower truly his own? Or is it completely dependent on God? A soldier's universe revolves around one truth: on the battlefield, survival is the only thing that matters. With his blade in hand, a lone warrior known simply as 'Guts' joins the Band of the Hawk, a mercenary force led by the charismatic Griffith, and battles with them as they fight their way into the royal court. 

The Hawks serve the King of Midland and become the King's personal guard after winning a 100-year war against the neighboring empire. Things, however, take a turn for the worst once they reach the summit.


Can you dig it?

When you combine Japanese samurai films, ultra-savvy blaxploitation attitude, future-tense technology, and hip-hop into one energetic camp mashup that takes no prisoners, this is what you get. The pseudo-Anime "Afro Samurai" is set in a futuristic medieval Japan in which all of the world's swordsmen are on a merciless hunt for the #1 Headband, which, if obtained, would allow the wearer to call himself a god and master of whatever he surveys. 

"Afro Samurai" is all about style over content, which means that exaggerated swordplay and brutality take precedence over anything approximating a plot. Make no mistake: while this is a visually stunning feast for the eyes, it is not for the faint of heart.



My, oh my. This anime has left me speechless. It truly is in a league on its own. It includes some of the best drama and serious arcs, as well as some of the most touching and devastating moments. Within a 23-minute time span, you'll be laughing till you have tears down your face, and then actual tears will replace them. 

Gintama is the story of a handyman named Gintoki, a samurai who has little regard for the invaders' rules and is willing to take any task to survive. He and his gang, on the other hand, are among the few who have not forgotten the swordsman's morale. Everywhere they go, all they do is cause trouble.


For hardcore fans of the genre, this bloody action epic is a must-see. Blade of the Immortal is intense right from the very beginning, as evidenced by the opening fight: brutal samurai combat at its best! It exemplifies the high standards you'd expect from a seasoned filmmaker. 

A highly talented warrior in feudal Japan, cursed with immortality, vows to assist a young woman in avenging her parents' deaths. Their objective pits them against a ferocious warrior and his band of master swordsmen in deadly combat. 

The professional exhilaration displayed between the two lead characters' unusual father-daughter bonding. Overall, a ferociously violent, horrifying, and above all, a pure masterpiece.


The final installment in the live-action Rurouni Kenshin adaptation of the renowned manga, ironically titled "The Beginning," is a masterpiece. If the last picture, "The Final," lacked the profundity of the source material, this one more than made up for it. During the Japanese civil war, a wanderer named Kenshin was known as Hitokiri Battousai, and his narrative is told in Rurouni Kenshin. 

His story is about how he uses his reverse-blade sword, the sakabato, to atone for his past and all of his killings by assisting those in need. Bakumatsu is a fascinating action film set during a turbulent period in Japan. The trademark sword fights, which are executed with grace and precision, keep the audience interested. However, beneath the frantic action is a terrible and ironic love story between Kenshin Himura and Tomoe Yukihiro of Edo.

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