Top 24 Best Anime Waifus We Worship

Top 24 Best Anime Waifus We Worship

by Mayra on Oct 09, 2022

So what's a waifu anyway? In anime and manga fandom, a "waifu" is a term used to describe a female character that a fan has a strong emotional attachment to. This attachment can be romantic, platonic, or even sexual, and it's common for fans to view their waifu as a perfect partner or ideal companion. The term "waifu" is a play on the word "wife," and it's meant to indicate a level of devotion that goes beyond mere fandom.

What Makes a Character a Waifu?

There are a few characteristics that can make a character a popular waifu. First and foremost, a waifu is typically designed to be visually appealing. This can include things like a cute or attractive appearance, an alluring personality, or a unique and memorable outfit. Waifus are often characters that fans can relate to or identify with, and they can inspire a strong emotional attachment.

Another important factor is the character's role in the story. Waifus are often significant characters with a strong presence in the narrative, and they can be heroes, villains, or anything in between. They may also have interesting backstories or compelling personalities that make them stand out from other characters.

Our top 24 best anime waifus

1. Marin Kitagawa

Marin Kitagawa is a brand new addition to our list of anime who looks absolutely flawless in every way. She looks gorgeous from head to toe and we can’t help falling in love with her. Also, her obsession with cosplaying as different characters is just icing on the cake. She might be a little too much for some people because of her unmatched energy but she really can lift up anyone’s mood around her. She also makes you want to just spoil her!

2. Hinata

Hinata is hands down one of the top anime waifus ever! She has the perfect nurturing personality that every waifu should possess. She’s extremely polite and gentle in whatever she does. She deeply cares for her loved ones and will even sacrifice her own life for their protection. The most adorable feature about Hinata is her bashfulness. Blushing anime characters always look extremely adorable. Other than that, Hinata is very supportive of Naruto and protects him from any negative thoughts that are clouding his judgment. She’s definitely one of the best waifus ever!

3. Mikasa Ackerman

Mikasa Ackerman has been one of the OG waifus that can kick anyone’s butt anytime. We love that about her. She’s absolutely ruthless when it comes to slaying titans and we all are highly impressed with her titan-killing skills. She’s probably the most popular anime waifu that needs no man’s protection. She’s the toughest of them all!

4. Esdeath

Esdeath used to be the talk of the town back then when Akame Ga Kill came out. She’s pretty popular because of her gorgeous features and stunning body. Also, she loves dominating men and those of you who’re into that are in for a treat. She gained a lot of popularity back then and is one of the hottest anime waifus ever!

5. Hitagi Senjougahara

Hitagi Senjogahara from the Monogatari series is a mixture of Tsundere and Yandere. She’s obsessed with our boy Araragi and doesn’t really show that blatantly. But we do know from some of her moves that she’s ready to hurt anybody who comes near her boy. Hitagi has the perfect purple hair and a perfect pair of blue eyes that will mesmerize anybody who sees her. 

6. Chizuru Mizuhara

Chizuru Mizuhara from Rent-a-Girlfriend appeared to be perfect girlfriend material. But getting to know her deeper, we can say that she’s a perfect waifu material as well. Chizuru is kind, caring and polite to everyone around her. She can be a bit irritable sometimes and tends to worry a lot. She did appear to be selfish somewhere in the series but the truth is that she’s the most selfless person in the series. Chizuru is such a sweetheart!

7. Asuna Yuuki

Asuna Yuuki is one of the cutest anime waifu ever and has been a crush of a lot of anime fans because of her gorgeous appearance as well as kind personality. Asuna is an irresistible young lady that has won the hearts of a lot of fans. Asuna is helpful, friendly and caring. She has everything that a perfect waifu must have!

8. Faye Valentine

Faye Valentine is our hot waifu from the 90s who’s also very tough and not fragile at all. Her tough and rough personality is what makes us love her. Also, we can’t ignore the fact that she looks absolutely gorgeous. Her character design is very different and that makes her stand out from the rest of the female anime characters.

9. Nezuko Kamado

Nezuko Kamado is our cute anime waifu that we’d like to hug because she’s absolutely adorable. She has the perfect pair of pink eyes that make her look so innocent. Also, her little version is so cute and huggable. However, if you guys have come across her latest adult version then you must know how gorgeous AND deadly she looks. She makes all the boys’ hearts beat faster!

10. Usagi

We can’t forget about Usagi from Sailor Moon when we’re talking about anime waifus. She’s also from the 90s and is one of the classic anime waifus. We can’t help but adore her as she's just a little crybaby. But she does get serious when push comes to shove and cares deeply about her friends. She’s the cutest of them all!

11. Boa Hancock

One Piece has a bunch of extremely beautiful girls and undoubtedly, Boa Hancock tops them all! She has got a gorgeous face and a perfect body that many male fans absolutely love. Initially, Boa Hancock used to be arrogant and spoiled. She knew very well that there was no match for her beauty. She used her charm to make people fall in love with her. But as Luffy was immune to her powers, she fell in love with him instead. Boa is definitely one of the best anime waifus.

12. Makise Kurisu

Here comes the most sensible waifu ever! Makise Kurisu is calm and collected all the time. She rarely shows her emotions but is quite vulnerable at times. She’s quite realistic and practical as well. Makise Kurisu can be quite sarcastic at times and doesn’t really hesitate speaking her mind. That makes her quite blunt but she’s still one of the top waifus ever!

13. Chika Fujiwara

We have only one word for Chika - ADORABLE. She’s one of the cutest anime waifus that has massive fans all around the world. She’s a bubbly, energetic and friendly girl who is a literal ball of sunshine. We love her air-headed personality and she’s the most comical character of the series. She also looks extremely cute! She loves getting herself entertained and is always looking to have some fun as well. We all need a Chika in our lives!

14. Emilia

There’s no doubt that emilia is one of the best anime waifus because of her sweet personality and also stunning features. We’ve seen her to be extremely kind and sweet in Re: Zero. She’s also very friendly and cheerful and will lift up anyone’s mood around her. Although she's a little insecure about herself, Subaru told her how to overcome her fears and be brave. Emilia is such a sweetheart!

15. Komi Shouko

Koumi Shouko had been everyone’s crush ever since the anime came out. She’s shown to be flawless in every way and everyone around her adores her so much. However, her not being able to communicate with others is her biggest flaw. But the fact that she’s willing to improve herself covers up for her flaw. Other than that, Komi’s super-flustered personality is what all of us love!

16. Shikimori

There’s no one cooler than shikimori and this is really not an exaggeration. We were appalled to see how she was portrayed in the anime and trust me, my heart raced even though I’m a girl. She’s the kind of waifu that you can depend on all the time. She’s perfect in everything she does and the best part is that she’s so protective and will take care of you really well. The fact that she gets jealous of people who try to get close to Izumi is just too adorable!

17. Nana Osaki

Nana Osaki is one of the most popular female characters of the 90s. She may look tough from the outside but she actually has a very kind heart. She had always wanted to be independent and also wanted to leave everyone who held her back. She was also a bit sarcastic and had a very weird sense of humor. But all in all, Nana Osaki is a gorgeous waifu that everyone loves!

18. Yumeko Jabami

Yumeko Jabami is for all of you guys out there who like crazy female characters. She’s obsessed, obsessed with gambling. She loves the thrill of gambling and that makes her feel ecstatic. She’s cheerful, charismatic and always energetic. Her charm attracts all attention towards her. She hates the other students cheating while gambling and she makes sure to expose each and every one of them and feels quite thrilled when she does that. Yumeko Jabami is undoubtedly one of the most popular waifus. 

19. Erina

Erina Nakiri acts like a princess and she rightly should. Everyone around her admires her and gets intimidated by her high status. She’s pampered and spoiled. She takes great pride in her skills and she rightly should. However, she’s unable to make friends because she thinks she’s better than the rest of the people. She’s also unaware of some social conventions and doesn’t really give importance to romance. But Erina is definitely one of the best anime waifus out there!

20. Tamaki Kotatsu

Tamaki Kotatsu, the cute waifu from Fire Force that everyone adores! Tamaki is loud but she also has a very kind heart. She does easily get irritated and doesn’t really respect her superiors because of the difference in their ideals and beliefs. Tamaki is highly insecure about her abilities even though she’s pretty strong. She possesses a strong sense of justice and strongly condemns violence. Even when she’s fighting a strong opponent, she makes sure to stay calm and collected before attempting to attack him. She doesn’t act recklessly and that makes her avoid any undesirable circumstances. Overall, Tamaki is a true sweetheart.

21. Blizzard

One Punch Man doesn’t really have a lot of female characters but the ones that it offers are just extremely gorgeous. One of them is Blizzard with whom we fell in love at first sight. She’s very confident and takes great pride in her abilities. She also likes wearing expensive clothes and jewelry. She appears to be quite cold-hearted and serious. She’s a great hero and is willing to sacrifice herself for the safety of the innocent civilians. Blizzard also appears to be very attractive, tall and stylish - a perfect waifu!

22. Bulma

We all grew up watching Dragon Ball Z and honestly, bulma was everyone’s crush. She’s one spoiled girl and often switches between being a tom-boy and a girly girl. She loved material things and took pride in her being rich. She also had a very short-temper and often lashed out on those who were irritating her. She’s also very selfish and gets scared easily. Despite her selfishness, Bulma is always there to help her friends and often makes important decisions by herself. Bulma is also very smart and witty. All in all, Bulma is someone all of us adore so much!

23. Rize

We all know how excited all of us were when we first saw Rize, without knowing anything about her. She was extremely gorgeous and looked perfect from head to toe. She was all nice with Kaneki and Kaneki was all up for getting to know her better but she ended up showing her true colors to Kaneki and destroying his life in return. Rize was a ghoul who used her womanly charms in order to trap her targets. She surely trapped all of us as well!

24. Nobara Kugisaki

Are you into badass female anime characters? Because Nobara Kugisaki is surely one badass anime waifu! Jujutsu Kaisen’s characters are the true reason behind the series’ success and one of its most popular characters is Nobara Kugisaki. She’s confident, bold and ruthless. Initially, she appeared to be a very rude and arrogant person but she slowly befriended others and became very frank with them. She also showed her kind side to her friends and always helped them whenever they needed it. Nobara is also very playful and likes to pull others’ legs just for fun. She’s definitely one of the best waifus!

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