Top 20 Best Magical Girl Anime Like Sailor Moon

Top 20 Best Magical Girl Anime Like Sailor Moon

by Mayra on May 30, 2022

When it comes to the magical girl anime genre, Sailor Moon is the first anime that comes to our mind. The 90s anime classic inspired a lot of girls and taught them that it’s okay to make mistakes and you don’t have to be perfect all the time. It also teaches us the importance of love and that there’s nothing stronger than the power of love.

Now, if you guys loved watching Sailor Moon, we have some great recommendations! We’re going to be talking about some of the best anime that have been inspired by or are very similar to Sailor Moon. 

20. Papillon Rose

Papillion Rose introduces us to the beautiful Papillion soldiers who had lost all their memories after a war they were involved in. Tsubomi is our main character who used to be a superhero named Papillion Rose. As she had lost all her memories, she’s working at a lingerie store with Anne and Shizuku who used to be her colleagues. Now, a new threat arises in the form of Susanoo Sisters who are three aliens wanting to destroy the Earth. Rama is a strange cat that can return the Papillion girls’ memories. Will he be able to make it in time and awaken our lovely superheroes?

19. Ceres Celestial Angel

This anime tells us the story of Ceres who was a Celestial Angel. She came to Earth in order to bathe in a stream. As she was bathing, her robe was stolen. The man who stole it forced her to become his wife and bear his children. Thus, a bunch of human/angel mixed children were born.

Fast forward to modern-day world, Aya Mikage is the descendant of Ceres. Aya’s grandfather plan to kill her on her 16th birthday as she has the tendency to destroy the whole family. She can also transform into Ceres herself. Now, Aya must evade form getting killed and also control herself from transforming into Ceres.

18. Phantom Thief Jeanne

This anime opens in the middle ages where a woman named Jeane D’Arc was burned at stake. Apparently, she could hear God’s voice. She also helped a lot in France’s victory. After dying she gets reincarnated as Maron Kusakabe. Now, Maron’s job was to protect people from demons that steal their hearts. For that, she must steal an artifact that humans have. Miyako is Maron’s best friend and is also a detective who is looking for the thief who stole the artifact. Maron must not be caught red-handed by her friend!


17. Princess Tutu

Princess Tutu introduces us to an author named Drosselmeyer who used to write short stories. Now, the stories were quite tragic and one of them was about a prince who shattered his heart into tiny bits in order to seal an evil raven. When the author died, the story became reality. A duck named Ahiru transformed into a beautiful princess named Tutu in order to save the prince’s heart. Will Ahiru be able to turn this tragic story into a happy one?


16. Magical Girl Lyrical Nanoha

This anime revolves around Nanoha who used to be a normal teenage girl until one day, she cames across a strange ferret. Yuuno is a talking ferret who came from another world in order to look for Jewel Seeds that were scattered on the Earth. He needs Nanoha’s help. Now, Nanoha must look for the seeds and protect them from evil forces who are also looking for the seeds.

15. Magical Girl Pretty Sammy

Sasami is our main protagonist in this series who gets turned into a magical girl by Tsunami, a mysterious woman from Juraihelm. That way, Sasami is getting a lot of spotlight. On the other hand, she also gets transformed into a magical girl and becomes her rival. The series revolves around their rivalry and there are also a lot of light hearted moments in it.

14. The Familiar of Zero

The Familiar of Zero tells us the story of Louise who was the weakest in her class at the Magical Academy of Tristein. Louise was told to summon a familiar. Now, the familiar she summoned was not a cute creature but a Japanese high school boy named Saito. Will both of them get along well despite their differences? Also, will Saito be able to go back to his house?

13. Puny Puny Poemy

Puny Puny Poemy revolves around Kobayashi aka Poemi Watanabe who wants to be a great voice actress. However, she’s both bad at studying and also at voice acting. One day, a strange alien comes to Earth and kills Poemy’s parents. That’s when Poemi became a magical girl and decided to save the Earth from the terror of the deadly aliens.

12. My Hime

HiMEs are a group of maidens that have enrolled in the Fuuka Academy. All these maidens have supernatural powers that they can use by putting the thing closest to their heart on the line. While they’re spending their days at the academy, a bunch of monsters come out of nowhere and put them and the academy in danger. Will they be able to protect themselves and the ones close to their heart?


11. Magic Knight Rayearth

Magic Knight Rayearth tells us the story of three girls who get transported to a fantasy world all of a sudden when they were on a field trip. Cephiro is the world they are transported into. That world needs their help in order to combat the evil forces that had been wreaking havoc there. Their ultimate enemy is an evil priest, Zagato. Will the three of them be able to save the strange new world from chaos or will they destroy themselves while doing it?


10. Devil Hunter Yohko

Yohko is a tough 16-year-old teenage girl who had been taught martial arts by her grandmother ever since she was a child. However, Yohko is interested in something else. She’s smitten by Hideki and wants to go on a date with him. But soon, it is revealed that Yohko is supposed to destroy the demons and that’s her fate. How will she accept her new identity and fulfil her duty as a demon slayer?


9. Pretty Cure

Pretty Cure introduces us to two ordinary high school girls named Nagisa and Honoka. Nagisa has an affinity for sports while Honoka is more of a bookworm. Fate has other plans for them when they’re forced to work together as magical girls. Two strange creatures Mepple and Mipple were behind making them magical girls. While the two girls have their differences, they still bonded with each other. How will both of them manage their school life as well as their new life as magical girls?


8. Magical Girl Madoka Magica

Madoka is a middle school student and is living her ordinary everyday life in peace. One day, she comes across a strange creature named Kyuubey who offered her to grant any of her wishes. However, she must become a magical girl in return. She must also fight the witches that are hovering over the Earth, spreading chaos. Madoka agrees but had no idea how dangerous it could be to become a magical girl. Also, their work is not as simple as it sounds.


7. Mermaid Melody: Pichi Pichi Pitch

This anime introduces us to a mermaid princess named Lucia who comes across a drowning boy one day. She saves him from drowning and leaves with him her pink pearl necklace. She then lets the boy go. Years later, she had grown up. She decides to visit the land in order to find her lost necklace and the lost boy who had stolen her heart. Will she be able to find both the precious things that she holds close to her heart?


6. Akazukin Chacha

Akazukin Chacha revolves around a mage named Red Riding Hood Chacha. She wants to become a great mage but she often ends up making mistakes while casting spells. Her master, Seravi, decides to send her to a magical school and she’s all excited about that. She makes a bunch of new friends and she must survive the school with eccentric teachers. Also, she must fight the evil forces that are threatening her and her loved ones.


5. Tokyo Mew Mew

Momomiya Ichigo is our main protagonist in this series. She was an average girl who always used to think about her crush, Aoyama Masaya. Just when she was about to get close to him, she was struck by a strange beam that changed her entire life. She found herself to be a part of the Mew Project. She’s supposed to be fighting aliens now instead of dating his crush!


4. Yuki Yuna is a Hero

Yuki Yuna is an ordinary middle school student who does all the ordinary things that middle schoolers should do. However, there’s a secret about Yuki Yuna. She’s a part of the “Brave Hero Club”. The story is set 300 years back with Yuki Yuna as a hero that would ultimately fight Vertex, a mysterious and strange creature.


3. Nurse Angel Ririka

Nurse Angel Ririka opens in an alternate universe where a planet like Earth named Queen Earth was destroyed by an evil organization named Dark Joker. This organization now also want to destroy the real Earth. Ririka is the chosen one and is supposed to become the Nurse Angel to protect the Earth from getting destroyed at the hands of Dark Joker.


2. Pretear: The New Legend of Snow White

Himeno just got into high school and is having trouble adjusting to her new life. A rich woman married his father and now she moved along with his father to her grand house. Now, Himeno has two stepsisters who don’t really like her and her father has also drifted apart from her. One day, Himeno comes across a boy and as soon as she takes the boy’s hand, she gets transported to another world. That world is about to be destroyed but only “Pretear” can save it from getting destroyed.


1. Cardcaptor Sakura

Sakura Kinomoto is an average teenage girl. One day, she went to her father’s library and opened a book that she found interesting. As soon as she opened the book, she released magic into the world. The magical cards that she had just released were sealed long ago because of how dangerous they were. The guardian beast, Keroberos, who was also sealed alongwith the cards, was also released. Keroberos is on Sakura’s side and will help her seal away the cards before it’s too late.



There are many more but here's a small sample of anime that are similar to Sailor Moon. All of them teach us great life lessons and we’re motivated to do even better than before. Comment down below your favorite anime and let us know your thoughts!

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