Top 18 Bubble Tea Flavors to Try For Newbies

Top 18 Bubble Tea Flavors to Try For Newbies

by Mayra on Jun 20, 2022

While the origin of Bubble Tea goes back to 1980s in Taiwan, we’ve seen a rise in popularity of this refreshing drink all across the world. Summer is all about super-cold and hearty drinks and nothing beats sweet and chilled Bubble Tea. 

Bubble Tea of Boba Tea is famous because of the Tapioca pearls that sit at the bottom of this tea. These pearls are made of Tapioca which are super-chewy and sweet. The color and texture of these pearls can be changed according to the ingredients added in it. 

Now, there are a lot of types of Bubble Teas including Boba Milk Tea, Black Tea, Fruit Teas or Shakes and many more. All of these are made according to how different people like them. Also, there is a wide variety of flavors to choose from. The boba pearls inside the boba tea will have different flavors as well.

So today, we’ll be talking about some of the most famous and most refreshing Bubble Tea flavors that are going to freshen up your soul. Are you ready? Let’s go!

1. Strawberry Milk Tea

Strawberry Milk Tea is one of the most popular Bubble Tea flavors that is loved by everyone. Strawberry milk tea is pretty simple to make. You can choose either black or green tea bags for this one. For strawberry flavor, you need to add some strawberry milk or you can either use strawberry syrup and add it in milk for a better flavor. For boba, you will need to have strawberry flavored powder and that way you’ll get strawberry flavored boba pearls. Now, add the strawberry syrup and dip boba pearls in them. Then add your Milk Tea at the top and you’re ready with your strawberry flavored boba milk tea!

2. Matcha Milk Tea

Matcha Milk Tea is going to be very energizing for you. The quality of matcha green tea matters a lot for this bubble tea. For milk, you can either use almond milk or dairy milk. It all depends upon your preference. You’re going to be soaking the tapioca pearls in either honey or maple syrup. For serving, add sweetened boba pearls, add milk on top of it and finally add the matcha tea. Don’t forget to add loads of ice in your boba tea. This drink will refresh your soul.

3. Coffee Milk Tea

With Coffee Milk Tea, you’ll be getting the best of both worlds. For this one, you can either use brewed coffee or you can also use instant coffee mix if you’re in a hurry. For milk, you can use whole milk or whatever milk you have at home. For tea, it’s suitable to use black tea so you’ll need a black tea bag. You can use either honey or sugar as a sweetener. And of course you’ll need boba pearls as well. This Boba Tea will cater to both coffee and tea lovers so what are you waiting for? Go make this delicious drink!

4. Coconut Milk Tea

This one is for all the coconut lovers out there. For this one, you won’t need to add regular milk. You’ll need to have some coconut milk for coconut bubble tea. You’ll need some black tea along with boba pearls and some liquid sugar. Don’t forget to add a little bit of vanilla paste at the end because that will be pulling all the ingredients together. This refreshing boba tea will taste very sweet and feel very creamy and yummy.

5. Almond Milk Tea

We have a lot of options for milk here. For this one, you’ll need some almond milk instead of regular milk. You’ll be using black tea for this one as well. Use your regular boba pearls dipped in sweet syrup. For sugar, it’s good to stick to brown sugar because it's going to make your drink taste different and tastier. That’s all you need for Almond Milk Tea. Trust me, this one is going to please your taste buds so much!

6. Jasmine Milk Tea

Jasmine has been known as a highly fragrant flower and we’ve come across a lot of food items that are jasmine flavored. For this one, it is preferred to use some creamier milk rather than oat milk or any other kind of milk. You can use honey as a sweetener in this one. The boba pearls are going to be there as well of course. You’re going to need jasmine green tea for this one. It’s this simple. The jasmine milk tea is very creamy and up-lifting.

7. Taro Milk Tea

Taro Boba Tea is the creamiest of all the bubble teas due to the presence of starchy taro root. You can easily spot Taro Milk Tea because of its light purple color. For this one, you’ll jasmine green tea because it will really lift up the flavor. Add some Taro powder into the tea and it will change color. Assemble everything together and add milk from the top. Do not forget to add some ice to beat the heat. That’s it, you’re done with preparing your Taro Boba Tea!

8. Rose Milk Tea

Rose Milk Tea sounds really refreshing. This one is also very fragrant. It’s a perfect drink for summers. The combination of rose and milk gives a very floral and creamy taste. It’s also very rich in taste. Now, you can use either rose syrup for this one or use rosebuds concentrated in black tea. You can use any type of tea for this one that suits your taste. Dip your boba pearls in sweet syrup. Add your tea mixed with rose syrup or dried rosebuds. Then add milk from the top and you’re good to go!

9. Brown Sugar Milk Tea

Brown Sugar Milk Tea is also known as Tiger Milk Tea or Mudflip Milk Tea. This one has a lot of variations and each one of them is super delicious. For this one, you need to have some caramelized brown sugar to achieve the best texture. The trick is to drizzle the caramelized sugar syrup inside the glass. It will create a beautiful design on the glass. Drop the boba pearls inside and add tea and fresh milk. The brown sugar milk tea tastes great as well as looks great too!

10. Mango Milk Tea

Mango is the yummiest fruit of the summer season. It has the perfect fruity and refreshing face that will cool you up instantly in this summer heat. For this bubble tea, you’ll need some pure mango nectar. It’s better to avoid artificial mango juice as it won’t give you the perfect flavor. Green tea is better for mango bubble tea so you’re going to use that. For milk, you can have any kind of milk including almond milk, oat milk or coconut milk. Use your regular boba pearls dipped in sugar syrup and assemble everything. You’re done with your mango boba tea!

11. Lychee Milk Tea

We have another fruity bubble tea in the house! This one is perfect for summers as Lychee has the tendency to freshen you up instantly. There are various ways you can use lychee for this bubble tea. You can either use fresh lychee pulp, lychee powder or lychee syrup. All depends on you. For milk, you can either use dairy milk or plant based milk. Add boba pearls immersed in sweet sugar syrup and all the ingredients together. This one will really cool you down on a hot and log summer day. 

12. Lavender Milk Tea

Lavender is famous for its depression-fighting properties and is said to lift one’s mood up. Drinking lavender milk tea will also make you feel energetic instantly. For this one, you’ll need to use some dried lavender flowers. Immerse them in your black or green tea to make lavendar tea. You can use any type of milk for this one. Use your regular boba pearls. Layer everything up and you’re good to go!

13. Honeydew Milk Tea

Honeydew Milk tea is rich in nutrients and will make you feel refreshed and will also restore your strength instantly. It’s creamy, hearty and healthy. You can either use fresh honeydew melon pulp or powder for this one. You can also use honeydew melon syrup as well. Add boba pearls dipped in sugar syrup. Add honeydew melon syrup or poser to hot water and then add your choice of milk from the top. Don’t forget to add ice cubes in your boba tea as it will taste extremely refreshing like that.

14. Blueberry Milk Tea

Craving blueberries suddenly? There’s nothing better than blueberry milk tea for satisfying blueberry cravings. You’ll need to make some fresh blueberry syrup for this one. Use green tea for blueberry bubble tea as it will really enhance the flavor. You would want to use dairy milk for this one because it will give this boba tea a creamy texture. That’s how you;re going to enjoy blueberry milk tea. Add your regular tapioca pearls dipped in sugar and give everything a good mix. You’ll be loving this one!

15. Avocado Milk Tea

Avocado bubble tea is a very interesting one. It’s very rich and creamy and you can drink it anytime during the day. You’ll need fresh avocado puree for this one for enhanced and superior flavor. Use milk of your choice. It can be dairy milk as well as plant-based milk. Add your boba pearls in sugar syrup. You can also add some condensed milk to add to the sweetness of this boba tea. Mix everything up and you have your avocado bubble tea.

16. Chocolate Milk Tea

Chocolate flavor is probably one of the most loved flavors for milk tea. This one is going to be super affordable as there are no expensive ingredients used. All you need is some hot chocolate mix, milk, sugar and  boba pearls. It’s very easy to prepare chocolate milk tea and it also doesn’t take too long. You’re going to add hot chocolate mix in hot water and let it cool. Add boba pearls in sugar syrup then add your chocolate mixture on top of it. Add milk of your choice and there you are with your chocolate bubble tea. 

17. Barley Milk Tea

Barley milk tea is super healthy for you and will restore your strength and make you feel good all day long. This one is pretty simple as you’ll need a barley tea bag, some almond milk and your regular boba pearls. Layer everything up and you’ll get your super-healthy and super-delicious Barley boba tea.

18. Watermelon Milk Tea

Watermelon is also one of the most consumed fruits of the summer. It’s very refreshing and is famous for beating the heat instantly. For this one, you’ll need fresh watermelon puree, some dairy milk and boba pearls dipped in sugar syrup. It’s better to use fresh watermelon puree as it will give you a superior taste. This one will surely beat the heat and make you feel refreshed!


This blog is going to be really helpful for all the bubble tea lovers out there. We’ve mentioned some of the most loved flavors of boba tea that will definitely help you combat the summer heat. Aslo, don’t forget to check out our collection of Bubble Tea Lip gloss. See you next time!

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