Top 15 Best Summer Makeup Looks (2022)

Top 15 Best Summer Makeup Looks (2022)

by Mayra on Jun 05, 2022

Summer has always been the season of bright colors and fresh hues. However, for some, summer can be dreadful when it comes to doing their makeup. The heat is too much for them and they’re always afraid of ruining their makeup with the summer heat. But don’t worry, we’ll be talking about some of the best summer makeup looks that are definitely going to beat the heat and make you look stunning throughout the day. It’s a little tips and tricks that actually do the trick!

From soft summer makeup to full on glam makeup, we have the best stuff for you right here. So, read on!

Light Summer Makeup

Using a little bit of product in the summer is the best choice you’d ever make, especially if you’re going out in the sun. You don’t really have to use your foundation for this look. You just need to apply a little bit of concealer and dust your face with a little bit of face powder for the perfect canvas to work on. You can add some blush, preferably in pink or coral tones to make yourself look fresh. 

For such a look, you can actually skip eyeliner and only stick to mascara. Adding a little bit of pink eyeshadow is totally an option. For lips, I’d recommend using our Tinted Lip Butter that will not only give your lips a healthy glow but will also smell great throughout the day. To get a healthy glow, apply a little bit of highlighter (not too much though) and VOILA! Your perfect soft summer makeup is done! This look will make you look natural as well as fresh and healthy. 

Soft Smokey Eye Makeup

Smokey makeup can never go out of fashion. The sultry eyes and nude lips create a look that is loved by every girl. This look can be rocked at night time as well as day time. Though many women find it hard to pull off the actual dramatic smokey eye look, the soft one is just a piece of cake. You just have to play around a bit with black and brown eyeshadows. 

You need to prep your eyes first with a concealer and some white eyeshadow. Pack the corner of your eyes with some light brown eyeshadow and blend. Keep on adding a darker shade of brown and blend until it looks smooth and not harsh. Then add a little bit of black or dark brown shade to the outer edge and blend everything together. Complete the look by applying a little bit of mascara. Don’t forget to add a little bit of highlighter in the inner corner of your eyes! Your perfect summer soft smokey eye makeup is good to go!

Sunset Eye Makeup 

When it comes to a really flattering blend of fresh colors, no look can beat sunset eye makeup look. The use of pink, orange and yellow eyeshadows makes your eyes look really attractive and trendy. Our Sunset Drive anime eyeshadow palette is perfect to create the flawless sunset eye makeup look that you want. Let us explain how you can use the colors in our palette to create the perfect look. 

Start off by prepping your eyelids and setting them with a bit of setting powder. Now, apply Chibausa in our palette to your lids. For warming up your lid a bit, apply Kyo Sohma shade, which is a carrot orange shade and blend both the shades together. At the outer third of your eyelid, apply Sakura, which is a hot pink shade. Blend it towards the inner part of your lid. Apply shade Kurama to the outer corner of your lid and blend it well with the rest of the shades to create some death. Your perfect sunset eye makeup is ready!

Summer Glow Makeup

Summer glow makeup and light summer makeup go hand in hand. With a minimal amount of product and a good amount of glow, nothing could go wrong. You’ll just need a little bit of concealer and powder for this. Add a little bit of liquid eyeshadow that will make your lids glow. For a glowing and radiant face, apply our Harvest Moon Creamy Highlighter. Spray off some glowy makeup setting spray to complete the look. The minimalistic and summer glow makeup is the key to stay fresh and radiant throughout the summer!

Glitter Makeup

Glitter can never be enough. Women all around the globe are obsessed with glitter makeup. The glitter on the lids looks very flattering and is perfect for any night time event or even day one too. All you need is a glitter with good pigmentation that is also not too chunky. You will know the right amount and pigmentation of glitter when you start experimenting with different kinds of glitter. If the color of your dress is a little tricky, you can always mix and match different glitters or also go for plain golden or silver ones. It’s all about creativity!

Nude Makeup

Nude Makeup is the best makeup for hot weather. This minimalistic makeup look will make you look different from the crowd with nude lips and minimal eye shadow. So for this look, you should go for a CC cream instead of a foundation because that would not make you look cakey. For eyes, apply a light brown eyeshadow that will give a little bit dimension to your eyes and make them look really appealing. You can go for a very soft pink or coral blush to complete your look.

Peachy Makeup Look

Peach color is the color of summer, without a doubt. It looks so refreshing and complements all skin types. We’re talking about the blush here. This will be your monochrome and simple summer makeup look. Start off with prepping your face with some not-so-heavy foundation. Apply a flattering peachy blush. I’d recommend applying our Endless Summer Blush that will look absolutely gorgeous on your skin. You can apply the same blush on your lids to create a perfect peachy effect. Complete the look by applying a little bit of golden cream highlighter and you’re good to go!

Neon Makeup Look

What’s a summer without neon makeup? While this might not be a soft summer makeup look, it’s definitely a funky one. This makeup look will basically focus more on the eyes than the rest of the face. You can do makeup of the rest of your face as you usually do but leave the eyes, they’ll need some special attention for this look. Now, one way to create this look is to just go haywire with the neon shadows and keep your lids covered. Another way that is also super-easy is the use of neon colored eyeliners. Our Matte Aqua Liners have a wide variety of colors to choose from and the neon colors in our collection will be a perfect fit for neon eye makeup.

Monochrome Makeup Look


One of the best summer makeup looks is the monochrome makeup look that uses only one color to freshen up your face. Never forget to prime your face first before applying anything. A CC cream would be best to create a light summer makeup look. For a monochrome makeup look, we’d recommend you to use a single tint that you can apply on your lips, eyes and cheeks. That will give your face a natural touch of makeup and also make you look super-pretty

Soft Pink Makeup Look


Whenever I think about summer, every shade of pink comes to mind. Pink is such a gentle, pretty and refreshing color that I would honestly wear this color everyday. When it comes to simple summer makeup, nothing beats soft pink shade. You can also apply hot pink on your lips to make yourself look more appealing. But no other color can beat some soft pink color on the lids, cheeks and lips. Even pink highlighters look amazing and give your face a natural glow. We don’t only wear pink on Wednesdays, we wear it everyday!

Bold Makeup Look

While this might not be the perfect makeup for hot weather for some, others are not afraid to be bold in the heat. The true essence of a bold makeup look lies in the eyes and lips. Choosing a darker shade for lips will make you look bold and confident. It also looks very appealing. For eyes, you can either go for a smokey makeup look or apply a bright and bold color. You would definitely feel more confident, trust me!

Glazed Makeup Look

I’m personally obsessed with looking like a glazed donut and yes, even in the summer. This perfect summer glow makeup is going to make you stand out from the rest of the crowd. Just make sure to apply a dewy base to your face and also spray your face with a dewy setting spray after getting done with your makeup. You don’t have to apply too much for this soft summer makeup look. And trust me, it will not make you sweat because of the very less amount of makeup used.

Glossy Eye Makeup

While we’ve seen everybody getting obsessed with glossy lips, glossy lids are the talk of the town these days. However, the problem with glossy eyeshadow is that it tends to move around on the lids and also create creases. To prevent that, you have to prime your lids properly with a good primer or else your eyelids will be a disaster. After that, apply a nude eyeshadow base on your eyelids. Now is the time to choose the color you want on your lids and blend it really well. This is the base for your eye makeup. The final step is to apply an eye gloss to your eyes and that’s it! This is such a unique makeup look for summers to be honest.

Pastel Makeup Look

Summer is all about pastels. We can’t get enough of these fresh colors and I personally like to wear pastel colors throughout the summer because they keep you cool and fresh. For a fresh and soft summer makeup look, pastel colors are the best. Your entire face is going to show the freshness of the pastel colors. You can either pick one pastel color for your eyes or blend different colors to create a more unique look. Be sure to use a pastel colored blush on your cheeks as well. For lips, stick to only soft pink lip gloss. Our Bubble Tea Lipgloss has all the pastel colors that you’ll absolutely love!

Glitter on the lips

Matte lipsticks and lip glosses sometimes feel really boring. You know what’s going to look absolutely stunning on your lips? GLITTER! There are many glittery lipsticks available out there that look absolutely stunning on the lips. Mostly, dark colored glitter lipsticks look great. You can finish this look with some glitter on your eyes as well. You’re definitely going to be the life of the party like that!

Rainbow eye Makeup

A rainbow brings joy in our lives. Whenever we see a rainbow, we always get excited and happy. Rainbow eye makeup is one of the best summer makeup looks that you can go with anywhere. It does require a little bit more effort than usual but trust me, it’s totally worth it! Grab your colorful palette and get to work immediately. You’ll need a bunch of bright and pastel colors to blend them together. The key is to blend the borders of the colors together well. If you can do that properly, you have mastered the art of doing rainbow makeup!


We have listed above some of the best summer makeup looks above that will make you look fresh, healthy and radiant throughout the summer. Choose your favorite look and recreate it in your own style.

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