How to Apply Cosplay Anime Makeup: Nurse Joy

How to Apply Cosplay Anime Makeup: Nurse Joy

by Mayra on Jul 04, 2022

Doing anime makeup is definitely not an easy task. In order to look exactly like the character you’re cosplaying, you need to use a lot of makeup to change your features and add some color to them. You might always have to use some kind of a tape that will help you get a mono-lid but that’s for very complicated anime cosplay makeup. 

We’re here today with an anime makeup tutorial for you that will involve some tips and tricks from our side that you’ll definitely love while doing your anime makeup. The gorgeous and talented Thalía has created a perfect look of Nurse Joy from Pokémon that we can’t get over. 

We’ll be explaining every step of the tutorial for you to grasp the steps easily. So girls, are you ready? Let’s get going!

1. Get Your Contact Lenses

The first thing you need to do is to wear your contact lenses. There’s hardly any cosplay that is complete without wearing contact lenses because honestly, there are very few anime characters without colorful eyes. Get contact lenses of the color that matches your character’s eyes. In Nurse Joy's case, she has blue eyes so Thalía is wearing blue contact lenses. It’s the details where the perfection lies!

2. Prep Your Face

Prepping your face is extremely important before applying the foundation on your face. Anime makeup is a little different than normal makeup and does involve a lot of foundation usage so make sure to moisturize your face with a good moisturizer or use a primer to blur all the little pores that you have. Thalía is using the Revolution Pro Blur Stick that evens out the skin texture before applying the foundation. Make sure to cover the areas where you have a lot of open pores. 

3. Tame the Brows

If your brow shape isn’t like the character you’re cosplaying then you’ll need to draw your brows from scratch. But what will make your own brows disappear? You can use Elmer’s Washable Glue that can fade away your natural brows temporarily and let you draw your own kind of brows. Use a good brow pencil to create the shape you want and to fill your brows in. Thalía is using the Wet N Wild Retractable Brow Pencil to create the perfect shape for her brows. When it comes to anime themed makeup, brows are never to be ignored. They play a very important role in making your cosplay look complete and flawless.

4. Prep the Eyes

After you’re done with your brows, take a little bit of foundation and apply it around your brows in order for them to look highlighted and clean. Use some foundation on your lids to create a clear and clean canvas for anime eye makeup. Thalía is using the Wet N Wild Photofocus Foundation that gives a very good coverage and is also pretty affordable. Now, set the foundation on your lids with some good quality face powder. This step is very important as it will not let any creases visible on your eyelids. Thalía used L'Oreal's Paris Infallible Powder. Another option to set the eyelids is to apply an eyeshadow that matches your skin tone. That will also act to avoid any creases from forming on the eyelids. 

5. Take Out Your Eyeshadow

Now, before actually applying the eyeshadows, apply a little bit of a highlighter on top of your lids for them to shine a bit. Thalía used our Harvest Moon Cream Highlighter which suddenly makes her eyelids pop up with a little bit of shine. At this point, you’re ready to apply your eyeshadows. 

Thalía is also using our Sunset Drive Eyeshadow Palette. Start off with applying the shade “Master Roshi” above the crease of your eyelid with a fluffy brush. Make sure to blend it in properly. Now, apply the shade “Kyo Sohma” on the outer corner of your eyes and blend it in properly with the shade you’ve applied before. Cover your lid with the shade “Shippo” and make sure you blend the edges properly. This will be your basic eyeshadow. 

As you’re done with your eyeshadow, it’s time for you to apply your eyeliner. And for this look, you better be using a colorful eyeliner. You can check out our collection of Matte Aqua Liners that offers a lot of different shades. Thalía is using the shade porygon and she’s really being dramatic with her eyeliner. There’s no concept of minimal makeup when it comes to anime cosplay makeup. After she’s done with the pink eyeliner, she’s applying a matte black eyeliner by e.l.f. 

6. Apply Foundation & Get Your Face Ready

After getting done with the eyeshadow and eyeliner, start applying the foundation on your face. Again, Thalía is using the Wet n Wild Photofocus Foundation. It’s time for some contouring now! Make sure to get the right type of contour according to your skin type. Thalía is using the Wet n wild Dual Ended Contour Stick that has a contour as well as a concealer as its dual ended. 

Make sure to contour according to your face shape and don’t use a lot of it. Dab it in with a wet beauty blender. Now, apply the concealer of the same dual stick under your eyes and blend it really well. Set your foundation and concealer with a good powder. Thalía is using e.l.f’s HD Powder to keep her foundation from moving. 

After that, apply a little bit of bronzer onto your face and don’t forget to contour your nose with the Dual Stick. After contouring your nose, apply a little bit of highlighter in the middle of your nose to the top. Thalía is using our Harvest Moon Cream Highlighter to highlight her nose. Now, you’re supposed to be giving some attention to your under eye area. 

Apply the shade “Sakura” from our Sunset Drive Eyeshadow Palette under your eyes. For highlighting your under-eyes, use a white pencil. Thalía is using a white pencil from Wet n Wild and applying a little bit on the inner corner under her eyes. She’s also using a highlighter from Colourpop. That will really make your eyes pop! It’s time to create some eyelashes now. Create some fake lashes under your eyes to give them a look of a real-life anime character’s eyes. Apply your fake eyelashes and your anime eye makeup.

7. It’s Time For Some Blush and Freckles!

Now, you’re ready to apply some blush on your cheeks. Make sure you know the right technique to apply the blush. It’s better to stick to applying blush on the apple of your cheeks. Make sure to not apply it below the apple of your cheeks. Thalía is using our Endless Summer Blush that goes really well with her eyeshadow. You can add freckles if you really want to. It’s an optional step in any anime inspired makeup. Thalía is using the ColourPop’s Freckle Pen to create freckles and she has drawn them perfectly across her cheeks and nose. 

8. Prep Your Pout

It’s time for the best part now, LIPSTICK! So before actually applying your lipstick, make sure to prime your lips with a good lip primer. Thalía is using e.l.f’s Lip Primer and Plumper that will not only conceal the original color of your lips but will also plump them. After you’re done applying the primer, line your lips with a black or brown pencil because you’ll definitely need to change the shape of your lips when you’re doing cosplay makeup. 

Thalía is using the same brow pencil she used for her brows, which means you don’t really have to have a lip pencil for that. Anything will work. After that, apply the lipstick of your choice that will go well with your overall anime makeup. You can also make your lips really pop by applying some lip gloss. Thalía is applying our Retro Lip Gloss in shade “Goku” to match her overall makeup. 

9. Set Everything in Place with a Setting spray

Spraying some setting spray on top of your freshly done makeup for your cosplay makeup is extremely crucial because it will keep everything in place. Thalía is using e.l.f’s Stay All Night Micro-Fine Setting Mist all over her face to stay fresh and radiant for a long time. Wear your wig and you’re ready to rock any anime convention you’re going to be a part of!

That’s it for this very easy anime makeup look. We hope that you liked this look of Nurse Joy that is extremely easy to pull off. With the right kind of products and some patience, you’d be able to do wonders without any doubt! Special thanks to Thalía, make sure to give her a follow on Instagram!

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