Crescent Beam Adhesive Eyeliner sailor moon clear white glue pen 90s anime aesthetic anime makeup (7075375579336)

Crescent Beam Adhesive Eyeliner Pen


Night City's adhesive lash eyeliners are inspired by some of our favorite '90s anime characters. Each shade is named after a legendary move and is designed to make your eyes pop with style and grace! Whether you're feeling celestial, fierce, or cute, we've got you covered with our range of colors. And the best part? All of our lash eyeliners are adhesive, making it easy to apply and perfect for those who are always on the go.

🌙 "Crescent Beam" - This clear adhesive lash eyeliner is inspired by the legendary Sailor Venus! Perfect for when you want a subtle, celestial look that's out of this world. With Crescent Beam, your lashes will shine brighter than the moon! 

🐉 "Kamehameha" - Unleash your inner Saiyan with this vibrant yellow adhesive lash eyeliner, inspired by Goku's famous energy blast from Dragonball Z. The power of Kamehameha will give your lashes a bold and daring look that's sure to make an impact! 

🗡️ "Spirit Sword" - With this intense orange adhesive lash eyeliner, inspired by Kuwabara's spirit sword from Yu Yu Hakusho, you'll be ready to slice through any look with precision and grace. It's the perfect weapon for a fierce and fiery makeup look! 

💕 "Sweet Kiss" - Get ready to pucker up with this soft and feminine pink adhesive lash eyeliner, inspired by the cute and playful move set from Pokemon! The power of Sweet Kiss will leave you feeling adorable and irresistible

🔥 "Dark Flame" - Unleash your inner darkness with this bold and daring black adhesive lash eyeliner, inspired by Hiei's infamous "Dragon of the Darkness Flame" from Yu Yu Hakusho. The power of Dark Flame will give you a dramatic and daring look that's sure to ignite your inner fire! 

Our adhesive lash eyeliners are the perfect addition to any anime-inspired makeup look, giving you the power to transform into your favorite characters with style and grace. Try them out today and add some fun to your lash game! 💫🌟✨

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All anime eyeliners are smudge proof, water proof, and cry proof!


Shake well before each use. Sweep the pen along your lash line, hugging as close to lashes as possible. Allow a few seconds to dry then apply lashes from outer corner to inner corner.


Styrene/Acrylates Copolymer, Propylene Glycol, Xanthan Gum, Iron Oxide CI, GM-BP

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Crescent Beam Adhesive Eyeliner sailor moon clear white glue pen 90s anime aesthetic anime makeup (7075375579336)

Crescent Beam Adhesive Eyeliner Pen



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