Top 20 Anime Based on Vampires to Sink Your Teeth Into

Top 20 Anime Based on Vampires to Sink Your Teeth Into

by Mayra on Jul 02, 2022

The concept of vampires in the media has been very old. There are many anime that incorporate the concept of vampires and in a very different way than the conventional way. Do vampires excite you? Then this blog is for you because we’re going to be talking about some of the best vampire anime that you’d love watching. Are you ready? Let’s go!

1. Jojo’s Bizarre Adventure

Jojo’s Bizarre Adventure is a story about the members of the Joestar family going through mishaps in every generation. The story starts with Jonathan Joestar who lost everything because of Dio, his adoptive brother and also a vampire. After him, his grandson, Joseph Joestar had to fight a bunch of ancient men. The story then proceeds to Joseph’s grandson Joestar who had to fight the forces of Dio in order to save his mother, Holly. The series involves a lot of enemies that our group has to fight against. Their journey is definitely not an easy one but they’ll try their best in order to destroy Dio who started it all.

2. Hellsing

The story of Hellsing opens in present-day England where a war is going on. The people of England are unaware of the fact that there are vampires roaming around them. The only ones who can protect humanity against deadly vampires are the members of Hellsing. Alucard is their no. 1 pawn that they use against vampires. However, Alucard is a vampire himself. He’s only fighting because of Integra Hellsing in order to protect her. He ends up making a female police officer a vampire as she was dying and had no other choice. How will she adjust in a group of eccentric people?

3. Bakemonogatari

Bakemonogatari is the vampire anime series that tells us the story of Koyomi Araragi, a loner boy who has a secret that is of some supernatural nature. He also comes across a bunch of people who are suffering from the same issues. One by one, Koyomi Araragi solves their problems no matter how big or small they are and also befriends them. Adversity follows Araragi no matter where he goes. How will he be free and be able to live a normal life?

4. Castlevania

Castlevania is the best anime series out there without a doubt and it’s relatively a new one. It tells us the story of Dracula whose wife got wrongfully accused of doing witchcraft and was burned at a stake. He decided to destroy Wallachia by unleashing all the evil forces upon it and take his revenge. It is now in Trevor Belmont’s hand to protect Wallachia from the evil forces of demons and vampires hovering over it. 

5. Seraph of the End

Seraph of the End is a vampire anime that introduces us to a world where all the adults have been killed due to an epidemic. On top of that, vampires ride from the shadows in order to rule the rest of the population. Enter Yuichiro who had been kept along with his friends to be fed to the vampires. Yuichiro decides to fight back one day and successfully escapes from the underground city he was kept in. Now, he will take his revenge upon the deadly vampires and restore peace on Earth. 

6. Blood Blockade Battlefront

Blood Blockade Battlefront opens in New York where a breach opens that leads to another world. The city was trapped inside a bubble as creatures from the other world started coming to the city. To maintain discipline, an organization by the name of Libra is handling everything. Leonardo Watch decides to enter the bubble in order to get his sister's eyesight back and to know the mystery behind the newfound powers that were given to him. He also joins Libra and struggles getting along with them. But he will do his best in order to achieve his goals and will not back down.

7. Blood Lad

Blood Lad is also a very popular vampire anime that was a hit when it came out. It introduces us to Staz who is a fan of anime and manga. Yes, he is not your traditional vampire who loves drinking blood. One day, a girl comes to his world out of nowhere. He decides to help the girl go back to her real world. He also wants to go to the human world but his journey won’t be an easy one!

8. Rosario + Vampire

Rosario + Vampire is about a 15-year-old boy named Tsukune who was an average guy with bad grades. He couldn’t even pass his high school entrance exam. However, he managed to get into a school. Now, this school is not an ordinary one. The Youkai Academy where he got admission also had monsters as students. All kinds of creatures and monsters could be found there. Tsukune tries his best to not get involved with the monsters but he soon gets  their attention. How will he survive at such a weird school?

9. Strike The Blood

Strike the Blood is a very interesting anime series about vampires. It takes us to Itogami Island where all kinds of creatures including vampires, spirits and mermaids live together. We’re introduced to Kojou Akatsuki who lived an average life on that island. However, after a while, he turned into a powerful vampire. He didn’t want things to turn out like that but had to accept the fact that he had been turned into a vampire. Things take an interesting turn of events when Yukina, a sword shaman, arrives there in order to eliminate Kojou. 

10. Vampire Knight

Vampire Night takes us to the Cross Academy where the students in the classes are not ordinary at all. In the morning, the ordinary humans take the classes and as the night falls, vampires come in order to take their classes. Enter the school prefects, Yuki Cross and Zero Kiryu who are supposed to make sure that this little vampire secret is safe. Zero is not very fond of vampires but Yuki finds them very charming. Yuki admires their leader, Kaname, who once saved her life. 

11. Shiki

Shiki takes us to a small village named Satoba where mysterious events begin taking place. There had been a lot of fatalities and the reasons behind them were unknown to everyone. Toshio was a doctor in that village and along with a monk, he decided to investigate the reason behind so many mysterious deaths. Many people started getting suspicious of the Kirishiki family that recently moved into the village. But will they ever let their guard down and let the mystery behind them get uncovered?

12. The Case Study of Vanitas

The Case Study of Vanitas is a pretty new anime. It tells us the story of a vampire named Vanitas who was born under the Blue Moon and was hated because of that. Legends say that he created a grimoire named “The Book of Vanitas” that he’ll use in order to extract his revenge from the vampires born under the Crimson Moon. The story then introduces us to Noe Archiviste who is looking for the Book of Vanitas. While he was traveling on a ship, he was saved by a doctor named Vanitas who carried the book Noe was looking for. Now Vanitas was a human who inherited his name from Vanitas, the vampire. That’s where Noe gets involved with Vanita and their misadventures begin. 

13. Blood+

Blood+ takes us to the world where blood-thirst and flesh-hungry monsters are roaming freely in the streets. The future of humanity is in the hands of a single organization named the Red Shield. Saya is the only weapon they have that could kill them. Saya had been awakened from her 30-year long slumber. She doesn’t really have any memory but some glimpses of bloodshed. With the help of her family and friends, she’ll be able to regain her memories fully as well as destroy the lethal monsters. 

14. Blood C

Blood C tells us a story of a clumsy and average girl named Saya who lives a very content life surrounded by her loving father and her friends until one day, deadly monsters start appearing out of nowhere. Saya is the only one who must protect her villagers from getting killed by the monsters. Will she be able to live a normal life after going through extreme violence and trauma?

15. Noblesse

Noblesse is an anime series about vampires that introduces us to Rai, a vampire, who woke up from his 820-years long sleep. He had been chased by an organization named “Unions”. However, he was protected by his loyal servant named Frankenstein who was apparently a principal of a prestigious school. Now, Rai starts his new life as a high school student and befriends a bunch of other students. But the Unions are not ready to leave him alone and all Rai wants is some peace. He must protect himself and the ordinary humans he befriended from the Unions.

16. Sirius the Jaeger

Sirius the Jaeger is definitely a very underrated vampire anime series. It really deserves more popularity. The story opens in the year 1930 where vampires have been roaming freely and killing people without stopping. A group of people named “Jaegers” are the ones who hunt those vampires. Yuliiy is one of the members of the group who was a werewolf and his village was destroyed by the vampires. The group is also looking for the holy arc named “The Arc of Sirius” and must fight in order to obtain it. 

17. Dance in the Vampire Bund

Dance is the Vampire Bund is the vampire anime series that introduces us to Mina Tepes, a Queen of the vampires who announces her decision to take over the world in order for her generation to live comfortably. She also mentions that they won’t be harming humans in any way. Her loyal comrade, Akira is also there to protect her. However, the world is not ready to accept her. Will she be able to reign over humans?

18. Trinity Blood

Trinity Blood opens in the post apocalyptic future where we are introduced to Abel Nightroad, a loyal servant of the Vatican. Humanity is fighting against the evil forces of vampires. Abel is a part of an organization named “AX” led by Lady Catherine. Abel comes across a girl who is a key to humanity’s future. His organization must denounce war and focus on eliminating vampires.

19. Vampire Hunter D

Vampire Hunter D is a vampire anime that opens in the future. It introduces us to a world where vampires and demons have wreaked havoc amongst humanity. Enter Doris, a girl who is targeted by the vampire lord named Count Magnus Lee. She ends up getting bitten by him and turns to a vampire hunter named “D” for her help. D is all pumped up to fight the vampire lord along with his minions to protect the girl.

20. Holy Knight

Holy Knight tells us the story of Shinta Mizumara, a timid high school student. He’s living his average day to day life until one day, he comes across a gorgeous half-human, half-vampire girl named Lilith who changes his life completely. Mizumara realizes that he’s actually a vampire hunter in reality. How will he swallow this fact about hum.

So, here we are with our list of some of the best vampire anime. Comment down below if you liked this list. We’ll come back with more!

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